United by Ping Pong

"In a city where tall buildings can make one feel closed in, Bryant Park offers open space for residents and tourists to relax, grab food and drinks, or simply to charge a cell phone at an outlet station. (...) In a tiny section of the park in New York City, one of the world’s greatest financial and cultural centers, a close-knit community comes together at The Tables, free outdoor ping pong tables that attract people from across the city and around the world."

"This unique setting in heart of Manhattan brings together individuals with vastly different backgrounds—a homeless person, a soldier, a business person, a student—who share a love of ping pong. People of various ages, backgrounds and skill levels were strangers who became friends first, then family."


A powerful look at how outdoor ping pong tables, set up in the heart of New York City, are welcoming players from all walks of life. See an inspiring short documentary available at National Geographic YT channel.




Author: via Aberdeen & District Table Tennis Association
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