North Confined 2019-20 Results


Ross Martin at NC2020

Ross Martin, 2020 Rubber Shop Singles winner

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Aberdeen and District Table Tennis Association would like to thank all who came to Woodbank Sports Centre on Sunday 26th January to watch and play at the North Confined Table Tennis Championships.

Thanks go to all players, families and spectators for helping make the event a resounding success! Particular thanks go to the new players in the league from Turriff, Inverurie & Rothienorman who were making their first tournament appearance. We had approx. 60 players competing in 10 separate events, with the oldest competitor being 85 and the youngest only 8 years old. Big thanks to the organisers who put a lot of effort working behind scenes to make this tournament possible. The day went according to plan and ADTTA committee received positive feedback from our players about the tournament and the venue.

Without further ado, here is North Confined Championships 2019-20 Roll of Honour:

1 NC2020 Rubber Shop

Rubber Shop Singles: Winner Ross Martin, Runner Up Rafal Wilowski


2 NC2020 AU Shield

AU Shield Singles: Winner Daniel Tibbetts, Runner Up Brian Robertson


3 NC2020 Watt Cup

Watt Cup Singles: Winner Dick Bird, Runner Up Graeme Park


4 NC2020 Doubles

Open Doubles: Winners Craig Cummine/Uwe Petermann,
Runners Up (on the photograph) Harry Blackhall/Daniel Tibbetts with ADTTA Chairman Dave Curry


5 NC2020 V40

Over 40 Singles: Winner Ikenna Asogwa, Runner Up Gregor Ksiazek


6 NC2020 V60

Over 60 Singles: Winner Brian Robertson, Runner Up Dick Ferro


7 NC2020 U18

Under 18 Singles: Winner Rafal Wilowski, Runner Up Tessa Yau


8 NC2020 U15

Under 15 Singles: Winner Daniel Tibbetts, Runner Up Harry Blackhall


9 NC2020 U13

Under 13 Singles: Winner Allan He, Runner Up Nathan Pan


10 NC2020 PS

Primary School Singles: Winner Nathan Pan, Runner Up Jakub Krzyzostaniak

Download North Confined 2020 Complete Results

More photographs can be seen at our online gallery, please follow the link below:

For those interested in players' ratings, here is a Ratings Central summary report:


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