Restoring old table tennis blades


Dear Table Tennis Friend,


My dad played table tennis for over 55 years, sadly he's not able to play it actively anymore because of health reasons. To somehow still keep his hobby going, he focused on his second passion, collecting and restoring old table tennis blades.

I'd love to ask you, if there might be an old or former player in your club who might own an old blade that's not needed anymore? Or if you might know someone who does? It's extremely important to me that my Dad keeps his hobby going to keep him busy and to make him have a lot of joy in his old years. If something is found, it would be great if you could respond to me with Name of the Blade, the condition and the price the owner would like to have :-)!

You're welcome to share this message or my email address

I would appreciate if you could look around and ask some players and people you know to help me out and make my world's best dad happy :-)

Thank you so much and love from Germany,

Steffen Mechler


Author: via Aberdeen & District Table Tennis Association
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