Essex Mens Interleague

Cruising Clacton surprise Colchester

Colchester VS Clacton

 Colchester Team Clacton Team
 Greg Green James Denyer
 John Andrews Gary Cattermole
 Josh Sidki Felipe

Coach Josh Sidki in form at Essex  interleague beating Felipe in the a close fifth set match, Felipe was up 2-0 and then Josh Sidki found his way back and won the next two sets to take it to the fifth set but Josh wasnt stopping there and carried on a great performance to win 3-2. Colchester League player John Andrews lost to Gary Cattermole but then Greg Green beat Gary to bring the overall score back up to give Colchester a higher chance of winning. Clacton No.1 Junior, James Denyer used his fast forehand loops to beat all the Colchester players, the only player to have a 100% win record on the day. John Andrews used his unique serves and spinny loops to stop Felipe from attacking and won 3-0. A very close match from Josh Sidki and Gary Cattermole could have gone either way but Gary using all his experience to beat Josh in the fifth set. A good end to the day Greg Green and Josh Sidki beat Felipe and Gary Cattermole in the doubles 3-0. Some great games played on the day and amazing rallies. 

Well done to Clacton winning: 6-4

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