Andover Advertiser Report 22-02-16

The first handicap competitions semi-final in the Weighill Trophy produced an excellent 7 – 2 win for Div2  Hanson Lions over Div1 Hanson Leopards. Ross Walkom (Lions) playing in his first season in the league has really improved and having a start of 13 or 14 points per game soon disposed of the opposition to win all three sets. Apart from Ross’s sets, the rest were very tight and all went to three games despite Leopards having to give away 10 points per game. Darren Walkom put Lions two nil up when he beat Pete Dyson 21-18, 20-21, 21-13. However Leopards struck back with wins for both James Clark and Rob Macey against Darren. Mike Bonarius (Lions) won his three sets but only just against Pete 21-12, 15-21, 21-19 and then against James 21-9, 14-21, 21-17.

The other semi-final saw Div1 Hanson Jaguars, who were giving away over 11 points per game, narrowly lose to Div2 Hanson Kestrals 4 – 5. Starring for Kestrals was young Daniel Abbott who took full advantage of his handicap and won all his three sets. Mark Pettengell (Kestrals) won two, whilst for Jaguars Trevor Whitelock won two, with Graham Audin and Sue Purton winning one each. Trevor did very well, especially as he had the highest handicap and produced an excellent result to beat Mark 21-20, 21-20. Sue fought hard beating Will Cooper 21-16, 18-21, 21-16 but lost to Daniel 12-21, 21-18, 16-21.


The Advertiser Cup is also a handicap competition and this Div1 semi-final produced an unexpected result when Hanson Panthers lost 2 – 5 to Hanson Cougars. Whilst Panthers received over 6 points per game this was not enough to stop Chris Stockdale (Cougars) from winning three. Panthers started well winning the first two sets when James Taylor fought hard to overcome Gerry Vaughan 21-8, 17-21, 21-13, then Dave Broomfield easily disposed of Nick George 21-8, 21-16. Gerry took revenge on Dave with a 16-21, 16-21 win and Nick claimed the match with a 21-13, 13-21, 15-21 win against Matt Carter.

The semi-final between Div2 Hanson Pidgeons and Div1 leaders Hanson Pumas was surprisingly one sided with Pumas winning 0 – 9. This was somewhat due to Pidgeons only having two players, but considering Pumas were giving away over 15 points per game this result was still unexpected. Andy Whitcher, Eddie Shoemark and Richard Fettes all won their two sets for Pumas, however four out of the six sets went to three games. Nathan Shears played very well just losing 18-21, 21-18, 19-21 to Andy, 18-21, 21-16, 19-21 to Richards and 15-21, 21-19, 17-21 to Eddie.  

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