Andover Advertiser Report 25-04-16

The league completed its season when the last match was played between Division 2 sides Hanson Pidgeons and 3D’s to decide who would be runners up in this division. As 3D’s had already won the title Pidgeons needed to win more than eleven points in this match to draw with Hanson Lions. However, this would not have given them 2nd place as on count back Lions had won one more match and therefore would be runners-up. Pidgeons had been somewhat unlucky to be in this position due to their third player not turning up for several matches, which left them carrying a nine point’s deficit each time.

Pidgeons got off to a great start when Nathan Shears beat Marie Dyke in three games, 11-8, 11-3, 11-4. 3D’s had Steve Harris playing for them who was previously a very good division one player and so it proved as he won all his three sets. Pidgeons had recruited Mark Pettengell to play in this match which was a good move as he won two, again three straight. For 3D’s Nicky Downs won two and Marie won one.

This was a peculiar match in that so far all the sets had finished in three games which did not help Pidgeons attain their goal. With the score at 3 - 6 to 3D’s and the points score at   

9 – 18, Pidgeons still needed three points to take second place. So it came down to the last set, the doubles, which was contested by Nathan & Adam Shears for Pidgeons against Marie & Nicky for 3D’s. Despite Adam not winning any games in the match so far, he played really well in the doubles, enabling them to win 11-7, 11-8, 11-2.

This result gave Pidgeons the three points they needed, as the final total was 12 – 18 and this confirmed 3D’s as Div 2 champions and Pidgeons as runners-up.  

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