Team Handicap - Round 2

Ruckinge E  vs  Sportsman C  Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Ashford C  vs  Sportsman A  Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Ashford E  vs  Ruckinge B  Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Challock D  vs  Ruckinge C  Monday 28th Jan 2019

Iron Room A vs Ruckinge D Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Challock C  vs  Ashford B  Monday 28th Jan 2019

Ruckinge G  vs  Challock A  Thursday 31st Jan 2019

Postling A  vs  Little Chart Posties  Wednesday 30th Jan 2019


The dates shown are the final home dates during the allocated week for round 2 handicap matches.

If both teams are happy to play earlier, please inform me of the agreed date and I will make sure you get your paperwork in time

I am currently updating my database with the latest ranking figures from Steve Bispham (thank you, Steve, for your efforts) so I can provide everything you will need from next week onwards.


Good luck to you all!



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