Summer League Update from David Cue

Mid Season Report (by David Cue)


Again we have attracted a good entry of 17 teams for this Summers Programme, 11 teams in Division 1 and 6 teams in Division 2.  This is three teams down on last season as we lost Bob Baker's Postling Posers, and the old Iron Room A side run by Steve Bispham.

We had more teams requesting to playing in division one which meant that division two has only had six teams playing.  I know this is not satisfactory and I shall be looking to making the division more equal next season.

This is the third year that we have had the handicap in operation, which I think goes down very well with the players.  However we have had to make a few alterations to the handicaps, but in gernal I think we have got things just about right basing the handicaps on Winter League results.

My sincere thanks to Steve Bispham for his advice, and his winter ranking list that the summer league handicap is based on.  Also to Roy coles for setting up the grid sheet, and for all his suport over the years.

Summer Leaguye was established as a way to keep venues occupied during the summer months, to ensure the bookings remain in place for the winter leagues.

At the midway stage Iron Room A (Paul Waumsley & Joe Britnell (both -7) lead Division 1 on 23 points, and Ruckinge F lead Dvision 2.



Division 1 PLD
 Iron Room A623 
 Ashford TT A18 12 
 Ruckinge A18 17 
 Lydd A16 14 
 Iron Room D14 21 
 Iron Room B11 19 
 Ashford B11 
Ruckinge B 014
 Lydd B 3 510 
Iron Room C 3 0 3 11



 Division 2PLD
Ruckinge F  1 1 7 3
 Ruckinge E 3 2 1 6 9
 Ashford TT C 1 1 0 5 0
 Ruckinge D 2 1 1 5 5
 Ashford TT D 2 0 2 2 8
 Ruckinge C 0 0 0 0 0


Message from the league:  We have turned on commenting for this particular post (hopefully) is apprecaite at the break down of the leagues this time around is cause a lot of complaint.  Whilst additional complaints are not need, any helpful suggestions for an alternative format would be greatly received and submitted for consideration.  If the commenting fails feel free to e-mail suggestions to and these will be passed on to David Cue at the next committee meeting.



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