Committee Meeting Minutes 30th August 2018

Executive Committee: Mike Galvan, Colin Bingham, Ian Bewick, Mike Holiday, David Cue,

Alan Provan, Jean Jones, Cliff Ball, Jenny Swain, Steve Bispham,

Malcolm Skates, Jamie MacDonald & Tom Down


Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting Held on Thursday 30th August 2018

at Challock Village Hall

Present: All except Alan Provan

1/ Apologies for Absence:            Alan Provan

2/ Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 03rd May 2018 were approved as a true record

3/ No matters arising

4 & 5/ Nothing to report

6/            Current Account -            £3,212.44

                Deposit Account -            £5,000.00

                3 outstanding team league fees: Sportsman A – Ian unable to confirm direct payment at the

               Moment, awaiting bank statement.

               Iron Room A&B – David Cue assures money will be paid shortly.

7/            All teams registered

               Fixtures and handbooks distributed

               All venue issues that have come to light have been resolved, with just 2 awaiting final confirmation

               Approximately 60 players have yet to pay ETTA fees but this is reducing daily.

               All were advised there will be NO exceptions to no pay, no play, no points

8/            Team handicap draw done, I am just waiting to set some new players handicaps before I distribute                      match details

9/            All set up to accept one match result including single and doubles matches.

                Most teams have an authorised person to enter and approve results

                For this season at least please send copies of match cards to Mike Holiday via post/e-mail/text

                There is also the opportunity to submit a match report, this will help the divisional ‘reporters’ compile their press releases

                Entry forms for the closed tournament and singles handicap have also been added

10/         All amendments that have come to light have been corrected and all teams advised. Mike suggests                    that next year we may include e-mail addresses, it will mean everyone will need to keep details on                      ETTA website up-to-date

11/         Jenny & Garry continue to coach at The Centrepiece on Saturday’s 10am – 12pm

               Club consists of 22 children ranging from 7 to 18 years

                Jenny continues to coach at The Norton Knatchbull School on Monday afternoon’s

                Jenny organised four tables to be set up outside in the town centre for ‘Love Ashford’ event

                Jenny reports that there was a great deal of interest from passers-by and is hoping

               to see some new faces at their practice session

                The first Junior Grand Prix for the new season takes place on Sunday 9th September in Sidcup

                Jenny unable to attend this one, parents have been advised

                The second will be on Sunday 23rd September in Chatham

12/         Nothing to report

13/         Summer league report compiled by David Cue to be submitted to start the new season, then after                       press reports will be cycled weekly through the following rota:

                Week 1: Division 1 – Mike Holiday

                Week 2: Division 2 – Nigel Griffiths

                Week 3: Division 3 – Mike Holiday (a volunteer from this division would be appreciated)

                Week 4: Division 4 – Ian Tomlin

14/         Two trophies remain missing (Division A Singles – Jake Coombs, & Division A Doubles – Jake Coombs                  & Connor Russell). David Cue continues to chase. It has been suggested the we invoice for the cost of                replacement

15/         Cliff organising fixtures for all teams

                Kent League team tournament dates advised as:

                 Lower (Divisions 2 & 3 Teams) – Sunday 18th November 2018

                 Higher (Division 1 Teams) – Sunday 10th February 2019

16/         Colin hoped that with the immense efforts of Mike Holiday to get our sponsors advert on every front                we use that the uptake would improve, but warns that if it remains as is we will need to find a new                      sponsor for 2019-2020

17/         Any Other Business:

                Summer league report: Ran with 17 teams

                                                                Division 1 Winners – Challock

                                                                (D. Richardson, N. Griffiths & J. MacDonald)

                                                                Division 2 Winners – Ruckinge C

                                                                (C. Develin, D. Simmons & R. Wright)

                David Cue informed the committee that he would run the summer league one more time,

                but would be retiring from his duties on his 80th birthday


                Steve Bispham mentioned he was happy to continue to compile the ranking list again this

                year and possibly further years after that. He suggested though that it may not be

                required if that produced on Tabletennis365 improved its accuracy


                Venue of next meeting was discussed as it seemed a bit out of the way, especially to those

                coming from Folkestone. It was suggested that the Blacksmiths Arms was more convenient,

                Jenny to ask Landlord if he was agreeable


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