NOTES: Changes approved by the 2017 and 2018 AGMs are shown in bold italics. Table Tennis England is the trading name of the English Table Tennis Association Ltd.







The League shall be called the 'Aylesbury & District Table Tennis League'.




The League shall be open to accept affiliation from any club located within a reasonable distance of Aylesbury accepting its rules and whose playing conditions are deemed acceptable by the Executive Committee.




The object of the League shall be to conduct competition between affiliated clubs, to arrange and conduct individual championships and any other competitions which the Executive Committee think fit, to assist and encourage the formation of Table Tennis Clubs and promote the game in every possible way.




All clubs shall be affiliated through the League to the English Table Tennis Association (the ETTA) and the Buckinghamshire County Table Tennis Association (the BCTTA).




The Officers of the League shall be:  President; Vice-Presidents; Chairman; Vice-Chairman; General Secretary; Treasurer; Press and Fixtures Secretary; Coaching Organiser; who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. One person can hold more than one office.




The administration of the League shall be carried out by an Executive Committee consisting of the Officers plus at least six other persons to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.













The Executive Committee shall meet as often as deemed necessary and will be convened by the General Secretary or Chairman. Five members shall form a quorum. However should the full active membership of the Executive Committee be nine or less the quorum shall be four members.




Every question at a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting, every member having one vote. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.




The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt such members as its business may require and to appoint Sub-Committees to deal with such matters as may be considered necessary.




The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy in any Office until the next Annual General Meeting.




A Club Secretaries meeting shall be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee: ANY CLUB NOT SENDING A REPRESENTATIVE TO SUCH A MEETING SHALL BE FINED FIVE POUNDS.




An Official Handbook shall be published each year containing:

(a) Names and addresses of Secretaries of all clubs affiliated to the League.

(b) Notice of competition, fixtures and items of interest.




Amendments to the Handbook will be declared at the Club Secretaries meeting called in accordance with rule 2.5 above immediately prior to each season and will subsequently be confirmed in writing by the General Secretary. It will be the  responsibility  of individual  team  secretaries  to  notify  the  General Secretary of the League, the other club secretaries and the team captains in the League in which they compete of any subsequent changes to this information.










The financial year of the League shall end on the 30th April and an audited account shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.




The funds of the League shall be lodged at a bank, or invested or administered as determined by the Executive Committee.




Cheques etc., drawn by the League shall be signed by any two of the following Officers: Treasurer, Chairman or General Secretary or one other nominated member of the Committee.




Two members of Affiliated Clubs who are not members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed as Auditors at the Annual General Meeting.




An honorarium in respect of services rendered shall be paid to such League Officers as recommended by the Annual General Meeting.




Should it become necessary at any time to dissolve the League, any income or property remaining shall not be distributed amongst individual members but shall be devoted to an Association or Society with similar aims and objectives or to any other purpose approved by H.M. Revenue and Customs.










Affiliated Clubs shall pay an annual affiliation fee, as agreed by the Annual General Meeting, for each team entering in the League plus the affiliation fee, if any, and any other fee or levy due to the ETTA and BCTTA which will be payable at the time of application.




Entries for each season stating the day of the week (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) on which home matches are to be played, together with affiliation fees and any outstanding fines and/or debts must be received by the General Secretary not later than 31st July each year.













A League registration fee, as agreed by the Annual General Meeting (including Handbook) per player shall be charged, payable at the time of registration.




All players must be registered with the General Secretary at least 48 hours before taking part in any matches organised by the League. Players must be registered for a particular team at the time of registration. Fees made in respect of one player cannot be transferred to another player




At the time of registration with the League players are required either to give proof that they are registered with the ETTA or to confirm that they have made or are making application to the ETTA for individual registration. Only players who have registered with the ETTA or have made application to the ETTA for individual registration are permitted to take part in any matches organised by the League. Players who have made application for registration are required to inform the League Secretary of the outcome of their application.





Any player whose individual registration with the ETTA has lapsed or has been terminated or whose application to the ETTA for registration has been rejected will be considered as unregistered and ineligible to play in the League’s competitions and any results obtained will be expunged from the League’s records.




a)  Clubs having more than one team in membership of the League must register three or more players for each team according to playing ability (see Rule 8.2).

b) Except as permitted in paragraph (e) no player may play for more than one team of the same Club competing in the same division except when playing in a higher division than that for which he or she is registered.

c)  A player may not play for more than one team against the same opposing team except in the case of Rule 5.5 e).




 d) After playing a total of five matches higher than the team for which a player is registered, the player shall automatically become registered for the higher team in which he or she has played. Thereafter he shall not be eligible to play in any other team up or down.

 e) Where a Club has two or more teams in the same division those teams shall be ranked at registration according to ability and players for a lower ranked team may play up for a single higher ranked team in the same division on not more than two occasions in all during the season. A player shall be eligible to play against all opposing teams for the team for which he or she is currently registered but shall not be eligible to play against an opposing team more than once when playing as a substitute for a higher ranked team in the same division. The matches played shall reckoned in the total of matches under paragraph (d).

 f) No player may play for a team in a Division lower than that for which he is registered.




EXCEPT IN SO FAR AS MAY BE NECESSARY to facilitate the operation of a Junior Division no player may be registered with more than one club at any one time nor for more than one team of that Club.




Clubs cannot register players after 31st December, except by consent of the Executive Committee.




A player may only transfer to another club with the consent in writing of the Secretary of the Club for which he is registered and such consent shall accompany his new registration form, together with payment of a transfer fee of three pounds. No transfer shall be allowed after 1st January in any season.










The League shall hold an Annual General Meeting in May of each year.




To call the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting the General Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice in writing of the place, date and time together with the Agenda, to the Officers of the League and to the Secretary of each affiliated club, such notice being deemed sufficient notice to each individual member of that club.




Any club not sending a representative to the Annual General Meeting shall be fined FIVE POUNDS.




A Special General Meeting shall be convened on a resolution of the Executive Committee or within 28 days of receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition signed by the Secretaries of not less than one third of Affiliated Clubs.




A Special General Meeting shall transact only such business as is specified in the resolution or requisition convening it.




The quorum for General Meetings shall consist of twenty persons who are entitled to vote and shall include not less than four persons who are League Officers. Each registered player and member present shall be entitled to vote on each resolution. The Chairman shall have a casting vote only.




All voting at General Meetings shall be conducted by a show of hands










Maintenance, engraving and replacement of the Leagues’ permanent trophies are the responsibility of the Executive Committee. The costs of engraving the trophies shall be met out of League finances provided they are adequate to do so.




All permanent trophies must normally be retained centrally, if possible on display. The Executive Committee has the power, on request by the winner(s) of any particular trophy, to release it into their care until such time as it may be required for re-presentation, and in any event on or before the commencement of the Annual Closed Championships. In such case the Executive Committee may impose any terms and conditions it feels are appropriate to safeguard the League.





The Executive Committee has the power, if it deems it necessary, to dispose of or re-allocate any trophies, for example in the event of the relevant competition having become defunct or a trophy becoming irreparable, in order to best utilise the Leagues’ assets.










An Executive Committee meeting will be held in August at which the required details of all teams together with all affiliation fees (Rule 4.1) shall be in  the  hands of the General Secretary. The meeting shall be held for the purpose of confirming the constitution of the divisions: thereafter the fixtures shall not be altered except as provided by Rule 8.13




The constitution of the divisions shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Wherever practicable promotions and demotions shall follow according to league results and further, that each team will be placed in the divisions most suited to the playing strength of that team. Teams finishing first and second in each Division shall be promoted to a higher division for the following season. No new club will be automatically accepted into the Premier Division for the first season.




Each team shall consist of three players and each match shall consist of nine singles sets and one doubles set, each the best of five games. One point will be awarded for each set won.





Match nights shall be as printed in the Official Handbook and the away team must meet this date, no confirmation being required. Should a team fail to appear the match shall be awarded to the non-offending team upon submission (of a Result Card duly signed by the captain to the Divisional Match Secretary. If financial loss is incurred by the non offending club application may be made to the Executive Committee for reimbursement from the offending club.




Matches must commence promptly at 7.30 pm or at any such time as may previously be agreed between the clubs. Any team failing to sustain play shall forfeit the set or sets in question. No player arriving later than 8.30 pm shall be allowed to take part in the match without the consent of the opposing captain.




The home team captain to write his team on the scorecard first.




Unless agreed otherwise all matches will be played in Willmott Cup order as follows:

Home team A, B, C - Away team X, Y, Z




1.   A v X

2.   B v Y

3.   C v Z

4.   B v X




5.   A v Z

6.   C v Y

7.   B v Z

8.   C v X




9.   A v Y

10. Doubles set





The captain of the home team shall be responsible for the posting of the result of each match on a scorecard properly completed and signed by both captains. Alternatively he shall arrange for the contents of the scorecard to be electronically communicated by using the League web site or e-mail, to the Divisional Match Secretary. The Divisional Match Secretary must receive the scorecard or the electronic representation of it and they must be postmarked or dated respectively  before the Saturday after the match has been played. Failure to do so will incur a fine of THREE POUNDS on the Club.



Umpiring of matches shall be shared by both teams.



All matches must be played in strict accordance with E.T.T.A. rules and only E.T.T.A. approved balls must be used for all matches. But see Rule 8.19



The home team will entertain visiting teams and provide refreshments.



Any team playing an ineligible player shall be liable to forfeit all points for that particular match and/or incur a FIVE POUND fine.



The Divisional Match Secretary can only authorise postponement of a scheduled league match because of:

(a) Non-availability of premises,     (b) Extreme weather conditions

(c) Mutual agreement of the team captains involved, provided that notice of 14 days in advance of the scheduled fixture date is given to the Match Secretary.

(d) Regular team players required to play in ADTTL or Bucks County representative matches.

(e) No appropriate adult (as required by Safeguarding Policies) is available to transport to and from a match or to accompany at a match a team of one or more junior players, provided that 48 hour’s notice is given to the opposing team.



Should a match be postponed for one of the reasons in Rule 8.13 it must be played within 2 weeks of the last scheduled fixture in the Official Handbook. No team may defer more than one match to be played after the last scheduled fixture in the Official Handbook. The Divisional Secretary is to be notified in writing of all postponements within 48 hours BY THE HOME TEAM. Failure to do so will incur a THREE POUND fine.








Any club withdrawing a team from the league after the constitution of divisions has been decided by a meeting of the Executive Committee (see Rule 8.1) or when a team forfeits more than 3 matches in a season shall be liable to a fine of up to FIVE POUNDS. No fees or levy shall be returnable and the record of the team and its members shall be expunged from the league tables if the Executive Committee so decide. 



If teams tie with the same number of league points at the end of the season, their position shall be decided by matches won and, if that is tied, by matches drawn and, if that is tied then an extra match shall be played on neutral tables under the direction of the Executive Committee, if promotion or relegation is involved.



The League shall make three awards to members of the team winning the Championship of each Division and three awards to the runners-up providing the League's finances warrant the expenditure.



Rule deleted. NOTE: For conduct of doubles games involving wheelchair players refer to the current Laws and Byelaws of Table Tennis published by the ETTA as follows:-

The Order of Play: in Doubles if at least one player of a pair is in a wheelchair - refer to Byelaw 2.8.3.

A Let: Receipt of service by a wheelchair player - refer to Byelaw

A Point: if both players are in wheelchairs - refer to Byelaw



Playing clothing, other than shoes and socks, shall be mainly of a uniform colour other than white. Part or all of the shirt collar and/or sleeves and marking along the side seams of a garment may be of a contrasting colour other than white. However in the event that the home team has given prior notice of their intention to provide yellow or orange balls for use in a particular match the preceding part of this rule shall apply as if the word 'yellow' or 'orange' had been substituted for white.



Any markings and trimmings on a playing garment and any objects such as jewellery worn must not be such as to unsight an opponent.



All matches shall be played in a competitive but sportsmanlike fashion with no player acting in an ungentlemanly manner that will bring the team into disrepute and this includes the use of offensive language.









The League shall have first claim upon the services of any registered player for any of its representative matches or trials over normal League matches.








The Executive Committee shall have the power to warn, fine or expel any player team, club or its representative guilty of a breach of these rules or of objectionable conduct. Any player, team, club or its representative penalised under this Rule may demand a personal hearing before the Executive Committee if such a demand is made in writing to the General Secretary within 14 days of notice of penalty.



These Rules may be changed (whether by addition, alteration or deletion) only by decision of an Annual General Meeting or of a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.



Proposals for changes to rules to be considered by the next Annual General Meeting shall be submitted in writing to reach the General Secretary not later than 16th March. All proposals so received shall be circulated to all Officers of the League and Affiliated Clubs by 31st March and amendments or alternative proposals dealing with the same subject matter shall be accepted for consideration by the Annual General Meeting if submitted in writing and received by the General Secretary not later than 16th April.



Proposals for changes to rules to be considered by a Special General Meeting shall be submitted to the General Secretary in writing together with the requisition for the Special General Meeting.



Before any resolution altering these Rules shall be declared carried a majority of the total votes cast must be in favour of that resolution



Any point not covered by these Rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision on all points shall be final.








The League places a duty on:-



(a)        all League and Club Officials (but excluding Honorary Officials who are no longer active in the administration or playing of the Sport in Aylesbury and District) and on all team captains and

(b)       all other registered players



to be fully aware of their responsibilities with regard to child protection. In addition all within category (a) above should be familiar with the currently published ETTA Safeguarding Policy and the relevant Guidelines and Codes of Conduct (see p. 15 of the League Handbook) . The League through the General Secretary will inform Club Secretaries  of important current statements and advice received from the ETTA on this issue.






12.1   The term ‘in writing’ shall have the following meanings when used in conjunction with the Rules or Competition Rules of the League:-

a)      a written or typed communication delivered by post or in person,

b)      an electronic communication successfully delivered by means of e-mail, text message or similar means.










The control of all competitions shall be in the hands of appointed Sub Committees whose decision on any point shall be final and binding.


All entries shall be made on special forms which must be returned by the date specified accompanied by entry fees. All games shall be played under TableTennisEngland rules.






(Handicap Knock-out Team Tournament)


The Competition was revamped for Season 2017-18  and provisional Rules are in place. See website under heading New Frank Mitchell Trophy.













The Championships shall be open to all registered players who have played a minimum of five A.D.T.T.L. league matches in the current season.




The Championships will comprise:

Mens Singles; Mens Doubles; Ladies Singles; Ladies Doubles; Mixed Doubles; Open Handicap Singles; Veterans Singles (Over 40*); Veteran Singles (Over 55*); Junior Boys Singles (Under 15**); Junior Boys Singles (Under 18**); Junior Girls Singles (Under 15**); Junior Girls Singles (Under 18**).

* Open to players 40 or 55 years of age or over on 1st January during the current season.

**Open to players under 15 or 18 years of age on 31st December during the current season.









The competitions shall be run annually at the end of each League season, with the Organiser being appointed by the Executive Committee.



The competitions shall be open to all clubs affiliated to the League.



The Executive Committee shall decide entry fees and closing dates for entries.



The competitions will be between teams of 2 or 3 players playing on an individual handicap basis to a format decided by the Executive Committee.



The preliminary stages shall be played on a group basis with the winners and best runners-up participating in the final stages on a knock out basis.



Teams may be made up of a combination of players from any Club or Division.  



All players registered with the League at the end of the season shall be deemed eligible. At the discretion of the Organiser, unregistered junior players or registered players from neighbouring leagues may also play.



The handicaps of players will be assessed individually by the Organiser



The Rules of Play in the competitions will be drawn up by the Organiser in consultation with the Executive Committee and will be published to the participating teams together with a schedule of the players’ handicaps and a list of the fixtures in time for the start of the competitions.



Postponed matches must be played by a date specified by the organiser.



The sub-committees' decision on any matters not covered by these rules shall be deemed final and binding.







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