The Aylesbury Table Tennis League held its Cadet (under 15 years) Championship at The Quarrendon Centre on Weds March 8th. 18 young players from the Bierton, Quainton, Quarrendon and Tring Clubs competed enthusiastically for two and a half hours for the Steve Riddell Trophy.


The outstanding players in the group stages were Jack Bacon (Quarrendon), Alex Wood (Tring) and Oscar Hofhansel (Bierton). The hardest group to qualify from involved Jaydon Hedges (Tring), Luke Riley (Quarrendon) and Loui Bowman (Tring). Jaydon had to play his best table tennis to overcome Luke and progress to the semi finals. But he and Jack Bacon went out in the semi finals leaving Oscar Hofhansel and Alex Wood to battle out the final. This was hotly contested with Oscar winning the first leg, although Alex fought back to take the next two. A determined Oscar came back from 10 – 7 down in the fourth to win. The fifth leg was fought tooth and nail with Alex finally triumphant 13 – 11 to maintain the Tring Club’s hold on the trophy.


It was a brilliant evening of fine table tennis from all the competitors capped with a superb display from the finalists. Congratulations to our 2017 Riddell Champion, Alex Wood.

ADDTL Junior Table TennisChampionship 2017


Tring Players star at The Aylesbury Junior Table Tennis Tournament held on 8th February 2017


The Quarrendon Centre was delighted to welcome Players from around Aylesbury as far as Tring to compete in the annual Aylesbury League Junior Tournament.

It was particularly pleasing to watch the Youngsters playing the game as it should be played; competitively and with good grace.

The support of Parents and Guardians for the evening was very pleasing


2 competitions were held;

Junior Championship

Consolation Competition


There was a good mix of player abilities and ages and all matches were hard fought but, the main Competition, was dominated by the Players from Tring who all appeared in the main Competition Semi-finals


Junior Championship

The Competition Proper commenced with Group Stages and thence to a straight “knockout”

The Group Stage Winners; James George, Thomas Ludlow, Valentino Maifre-Wright and Alfie Lyons went forward (together with Runners Up) to the knockout stage (Quarter finals) where: -

James George beat Joel Miller;

Thomas Ludlow beat Jack Bacon

Jean-Paul Yoxall beat Valentino Maifre-Wright;

Alfie Lyons beat Gianluca Maifre-Wright.

The Semi Finals featured: -

James George who bettered Thomas Ludlow

Alfie Lyons who overcame Jean-Paul Yoxall


Which; in turn led to an all Tring Final

Last year’s Winner James George (Tring TTC) again dominated and ran out the Winner against Alfie Lyons (also of Tring TTC)


Junior Consolation

The Consolation Competition, as may be expected, was contested by players who are relatively new to Table Tennis but who each graced a lively competition with Luke Riley too strong for newcomer Marlie Gregory and Joel Miller ran out the stronger against Richard Wheeler

In what was a fairly close Final: - Luke Riley overcame Joel Miller

Finally, League President Rob Sargeant presented the well deserved awards

Many thanks to the Tournament Organiser, Brian Whitehead.


Finalists Junior Competition 2016


Finalists James George on left (winner) with Josh Edworthy (runner up)


The Annual Under 18 Junior Competition was held at Quarrendon & Meadowcroft Community Association last Wednesday 9 March 2016, where Cadet Champion, James George, defended the trophy that he won last year.

His opponent from last year’s final, Josh Edworthy, was making his last attempt to win the title before reaching 18 years of age. He made his way resolutely through his opposition joining his Sports team mate, Dom Palmigiano and Alfie Lyons from Tring in the quarter finals. Plaudits go to Tom Ludlow, James Massa and Jack Bacon for reaching the quarter finals also where James George was afforded a bye. Here James Massa fought back from two sets down to beat Dom Palmigiano, but Alfie had three close sets to overcome Tom. Josh defended well to stop the hard attacking Jack Bacon to then face James Massa in the semi final. Alfie had to meet his club mate, James George, in the other semi.

James Massa was in good form as he took a set off Josh before going down but Alfie fought tooth and nail taking a two set lead against James George. James used his experience to dig in and fight back taking the last three sets.

The repeat of last year’s final between Josh and James swung one way then the other with both protagonists exploring each other’s weaknesses. First James had success with Josh unable to hit cleanly when needed. In the second set Josh discovered the shots and levelled the sets, only for James to change the play and go 2-1. Josh rethought his strategy and pulled out a comeback 11-8 to once again level the sets. A resolute approach from James turned a 4-2 deficit in the fifth set into 11-6 and victory for the second year. It was a worthy final and a good advertisement for Junior Table Tennis.

In the consolation event Liam O’Callaghan overcame Adi Roy and Jack Clark in some very close and long encounters to take a well deserved win.

Many thanks go to The Organiser, Brian Whitehead, for an enjoyable event.     






For scores see below

There were fourteen youngsters under the age of 15 contesting the Steve Riddell Cup at Quarrendon Community Association on 24 February, a larger entry than seen in previous years. Last year's Champion, James George, faced challenges from his Tring Club players along with the Quarrendon group and James Massa from Sports.

From the group stages it was pleasing to see the new boys, Valentino and Gianluca Maifre-Wright and Nathan Jones win through to the quarter finals along with James George, Alex Wood, George Leaver, Jack Bacon and James Massa. Valentino faced favourite James George and won the third leg 11-6 in losing 3-1, Gianluca lost to James Massa, Jack Bacon smoothly progressed beating Nathan and Alex Wood pipped George Leaver.

At the semi final stage, two seeded players were included to make two semi final groups and here the current league players showed their ascendency. James George had Alfie Lyons and Alex Wood to beat to reach the final and although they both pushed him close he finished the games without dropping a set. In the other group Ted Holland proved too good for James Massa, but it took 4 sets to beat Jack Bacon who clearly made things uncomfortable with his all out attacking style.

The final saw James George win fairly comfortably in the end against Ted Holland to retain the Steve Riddell Cadet Trophy for another year.

In the Consolation event Luke Riley beat Yusuf Azram and Joel Miller beat Richard Weeler to meet in the final. Here Luke won in three sets and was rightly very pleased with his win.

Thanks to Brian Whitehead, The Organiser, for a brilliant tournament.

The Steve Riddell Trophy - ADTTL Cadet Championship 2016

12 entrants joined the Group Stage.

Group winners were James George, Alex Wood, Jack Bacon and James Massa.

Group winners and runners up then entered the knockout stage.

Quarter finals:

James George beat Valentino Maifre- Wright 2 / 2 / -6 / 1; Alex Wood beat George Leaver 2 / 8 / 10

Jack Bacon beat Nathan Jones 4 / 5 / 5; James Massa beat Gianluca Maifre-Wright 3 / 2 / 3

With the late arrival of two players the semi finals became semi final groups

S/F Group 1 : George beat Lyons 6 / 11 / 9; Lyons beat Wood 5 / 6 / 2; George beat Wood 6 / 7 / 10

winner James George, runner up Alfie Lyons

S/F Group 2 : Holland beat Bacon 8 / -7 / 7 / 9; Massa beat Bacon 9 / 9 / 4; Holland beat Massa 9 / -7 / 12 / -4 / 10

Winner: Ted Holland, runner up James Massa

CADET CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL : James George beat Ted Holland 8 / 4 / 9



S/F 1 Joel Miller beat Richard Wheeler 2 / 5 / -7 / 3; S/F 2 Luke Riley beat Yusef Azram 6 / 8 / 6; FINAL Luke Riley beat Joel Miller 4 / 5 / 8

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