2019 Final played at Quarrendon on Wednesday 10 April 2019 

Result Ridgeway A 330 Haddenham A 380

Haddenham A retain their Frank Mitchell Title

Teams have competed throughout the winter in the Aylesbury Handicap Competition known as The Frank Mitchell Memorial Trophy. The group games produced semi finals between Ridgeway A from the Premier Division and Sports D from Division One and Haddenham A, last season’s winners against Division One Champions, Bishopstone A. The Premier teams proved too much for their Division One opponents and met in the final at Quarrendon on 10 April.

Andy Misseldine, Dave Ralls and Darren Palmer for Haddenham had a 51point deficit going into the match against Gary Keers, Tim Wooster and Mike Bellamy which Dave reduced to 41 after the first game against Gary. Darren and Andy imposed their hard hitting styles on Tim and Mike respectively effectively wiping out the deficit bringing the rest of the match on level terms. From there on Haddenham maintained leads in each game with only Gary threatening to bring the game back to Ridgeway. He lost by 1 point to Dave and in the last game by 5 points to Darren.

Haddenham A have retained their Title in this new format of the competition and are the 2019 Frank Mitchell Trophy winners.  


Semi Final Results

Ridgeway A 370 v Sports D 322

Haddenham A 368 v Bishopstone A 319

Each Semi final was won by the Premier Teams by the end of game 6. Outstanding in the Ridgeway game was Gary Keers losing one set to Mike Atkinson but overwhelming both Keith Slipper and David Badham to gain precious ground into the 83 point deficit.

In the Haddenham/Bishopstone encounter Dave Ralls and Andy Misseldine were just too strong for Mark Dixon, Steve Rycraft and Stuart Brewer who had a 92 point start. Mark managed to beat Paul Reynolds 38-26 but Paul kept ahead of Stuart and Steve to keep his team on track.

Quarter Finals



Ridgeway A



Sports C


Sports D



Haddenham C


Sports E



Haddenham A


Tring B



Bishopstone A




Semi Finals as follows


Ridgeway A      (H) 


Sports D

Haddenham A (H)           


Bishopstone A


Ridgeway A v Sports at Quarrendon on 3 April 2019

Haddenham A v Bishopstone A at Sports on 4 April 2019

Final to be played at Quarrendon on 10 April 2019.


For fixtures please see the Frank Mitchell Programme and results below

Suggested dates for Semi Final Wednesday 3 April at Quarrendon

and Final on Wednesday 10 April at Quarrendon


There has been an amendment to the Rules as regards SUBSTITUTIONS. Please see the explanation from the Organiser below (in RED). 

F M Rules 2018 9.docx

Match Card

FM Match Card2018-19.docx


Frank Mitchell Programme 2019.doc


FM Seedings for 2018 19.docx

Results and draw

 Frank Mitchell Programme and Results week 5.doc


 Players Handicaps updated Dec 2018.xls


Rules Change

As there have been so many issues this season re player availability, especially over half term; and, so many new players registering, it has been decided to change limitations on the use of substitutes.


The existing rules on;

Qualification and Substitutes are rewritten; thus



Players may only participate for one League Team, except for an appearance as a Substitute

To qualify for the remainder of the competition Players must have been registered for the ADTT League for their Team

In exceptional circumstances these restrictions may be relaxed; subject to scrutiny and approval by the Tournament Organiser.  (This rule is essentially for new players who would have a demonstrable Handicap)



A substitute may come from up or down the League. 

There is no limitation to numbers, nor occasions, but if a Team is under severe stress that it needs to essentially re-organise, please let the Competition Organiser know (daviesminster@gmail.com)

Note; There may be some Teams who, for some reason or another, prefer not to play in this tournament.  However, there may well be players who, per se, do wish to play.  If that is the case, please contact the Tournament Organiser or League Secretary and we will try to introduce those players to a Team lacking numbers or together to form an ad hoc Team (a la Summer League).


Vic Davies




Frank Mitchell Final (2017-18)

Haddenham A v Aylesbury Sports A

25 April 2018

At last! After all the toil of the earlier rounds, the Frank Mitchell Handicap Final took place at Quarrendon between (arguably) the best two Teams in the Aylesbury & District Table Tennis League.  The two Finalists were (in order of play);

Haddenham ‘A’ comprising;

Elson Costa

Darren Palmer

Andy Misseldine


Sports ‘A’ comprising

Nick Hansell

Chris Haines

Rob Hansell


Both Teams have  strong track records in the Competition, so a hard fought match was expected.

No-one was disappointed! The match, as well as being hard fought, was skilful and, very entertaining

Haddenham ‘A’ started in the driving seat with the Handicap advantage – 3 points. Nonetheless, by the 3rd set, Sports had turned that around continuing to work hard to gain the upper hand until the 7th game at which point, Sports ‘A’ was 18 points clear.

However, we were set for a Grandstand finale as Haddenham fought their way back into the match over the last 2 singles games to gain the lead.  Despite a gallant response from Sports ‘A’, Haddenham closed out the match adding a win in the doubles.

The match was played with ambition by both side and was very good natured despite the long term rivalry between these 2 fine Teams

With thanks to both teams for support they have given to the Competition and now we are looking forward to the next one


Vic Davies



Results link week by week

New Frank Mitchell Results 2017 to 8 Quarter Finals.doc

New Frank Mitchell Results 2017 to 8 Week 5.doc

Frank Mitchell Results 2017 to 8 Week 2.doc

Frank Mitchell Results 2017 to 8 Week 3.doc

New Frank Mitchell Results 2017 to 8 Week 4.doc

Rules for the New Frank Mitchell Cup Competition

F M 2017 and 8 Provisional Rules222 (2).doc

Here is a link to the new style match card for Frank Mitchell matches.

FM Match Card 2017-18 Season.doc

Here are the fixtures

F M Fixtures for 2017-18 Season including concedes - final.doc


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