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Sue Marchant and Ed Lock have proved a wonderful combination in this year’s Summer Competition. With only one blip in the Group games, they have remained consistent, using their handicap advantages well alongside continued improvement in their playing styles.

This year’s final promised to be a tight battle against The Smashing Guys from Brill. In the opening game Daniel Creanga hoped to smash his way past Ed who had a 13 point start. However, Ed remained calm, kept returning the ball and Daniel lost his way losing 31-20, 31-14. Sue then took to the table against the penholder, Poh Jin. Poh creates a lot of spin with his style, but Sue negated this with her anti spin rubber, frustrated Poh’s game and was rarely in trouble from a 15 point start. She won 31-15, 31-23. She then took on Daniel and was cruising with a first set win 31-18, from a 13 point start. Daniel then found a way to overcome the anti spin and took the second leg 25-24. Unfortunately for him he didn’t continue with the winning strategy and lost the third set 31-9.

The match at this stage was won by The Mighty Marlocks and they went on to take the last singles and the doubles for a crushing 5-0 win and become this year’s Summer Competition Winners. 

 Monday Table      
1Haddenham Outlaws981341134
2Haddenham F972291629
3Brompton Warriors963291629
4Wham,Bam & Chopping Man963281728
5The BB's945222322
6The Deadly D's936212421
7Wiff Waff936182718
8Ham & Eggs936172817
9Greenham's Crew945143114
10Quainton PG Tips918133213
 Wednesday Table      
1The Mighty Marlocks972311431
2Smashing Guys963291629
3Team C963291629
4The Hardy Boys972281728
6Tring Cockerels954222322
7Biertons Best945202520
9Crendon Creakers927133213
10Quarry and One909103510



The semi finals of the Summer Table Tennis Competition 2018 provided some entertainment last week with the top two from the Wednesday Group beating off their Monday opponents to play in next week’s final.

The Mighty Marlocks (Sue Marchant and Ed Lock) continued their excellent league form to overcome Steve Ash and Yohan Chapelle from Haddenham F. The difference here was that they had to start with a handicap against them in three of the games which was a true test of their character. With concentration and determination they won each game over two legs except for the doubles where they dropped the first leg, but came back well to win 5-0.

In the other semi final Brill based Daniel Creanga and Poh Jin (Smashing Guys) lived up to their name with some fast and furious fitting against favourites Haddenham Outlaws. Lee Mallick levelled against the pimples of Daniel but lost the third set 27-31. James Gibson was undone by Poh’s penhold spin despite a 14 point advantage and then Poh was too strong in two sets against Lee. This gave Smashing Guys the win they wanted to see a rematch against Marlocks who beat them 3-2 in the group matches. All is set for a fascinating encounter next Wednesday, 1st August at Quarrendon.


The fun third/fourth place play off matches resulted in Hardy Boys beating Brompton Warriors 3-2 and Team C outlasting Wham, Bam & Chopping Man 3-2. Both winning teams could easily be fighting for the trophy and their compensating final next week will also be fascinating.


Haddenham teams plus Brill and Marlocks reach semi finals


The final group matches in the Table Tennis Summer Competition delivered some very close results. From the Monday Group the two Haddenham Teams topped the table with The Mighty Marlocks (Sue Marchant and Ed Lock) and Smashing Guys (Dan Creanga and Pete Nicholson) taking the top slots in the Wednesday Group.

Haddenham F were 2 games down against Quainton and had to fight for every point to win 3-2, but even then Brompton Warriors threw away their chance of glory by losing the doubles against Wiff Waff, despite their handicap advantage. Whilst they were level on points with Haddenham, the head to head win by Haddenham was enough to secure the semi final spot. Meanwhile Lee Mallick and James Gibson as Haddenham Outlaws were clear group winners.

A similar tale unfolded in the Wednesday Group where Team C (The Croucher family) had held a place in the top two throughout the competition. However their final group match was against Brill’s Smashing Guys who had been slowly improving their league position. They won 3-2 although Mark Croucher was unbeaten and was our top player on 92%. This win was enough to guarantee Smashing Guys second place despite both teams being level on points and legs won. The Marlocks beat Tring Cockerels 4-1 to lead the group by 2 points.

The Mighty Marlocks will play Haddenham F and The Smashing Guys will face Haddenham Outlaws in the semi finals. 


Mondays fixtures are all finished with Haddenham Outlaws (Lee, Mallick, James Gibson and Roger Mott) clear winners following a 4-1 defeat of The BBs (Dave Barnacle and Paul Brown). Haddenham F take the second spot despite having the same points as Brompton Warriors. Haddenham have more wins and also beat Brompton in their head to head encounter. Congrats to Steve Ash and Yohan Chapelle. These teams now await the final matches of the wednesday group where The Mighty Marlocks (Sue Marchant and Ed Lock) are top equal with Team C (Dave, Mark and Bob Croucher). Poh Jin, Charles Wallis, Daniel Creanga and Pete Nicholson aka The Smashing Guys are in with a chance but have to overcome Team C in their last match. Other outsiders are The Hardy Boys and Titanics.




With last Wednesday’s fixtures postponed because of a certain football match, only the Monday Group teams played last week to find the favourites for the Summer Competition semi finals.

Leaders Lee Mallick and James Gibson for Haddenham Outlaws were impressive, hauling back sizeable handicaps to triumph 5-0 against Quainton’s Callum York and Paul Unwin. This increases their lead to 4 points ahead of Wham, Bam & Choppin Man, represented by Steve Rycraft and John Cripps. They prevailed 4-1 over Wiff Waff, stealing a march on Haddenham F and Brompton Warriors, equal third, after playing each other. Here the Haddenham Team of Steve Ash and Yohan Chapelle won 3-2 with Paul O’Connell for the Warriors winning twice.

The fight for the semi final places is between these four teams with one round of matches remaining. They each have opposition from the lower half of the Division next week.



As we reach the end of the group games strong favourites for the semi finals of Aylesbury’s Table Tennis Summer Competition emerged this week. In the Monday Group Lee Mallick and James Gibson beat The Deadly D’s 5-0 to top the table by 1 point from Brompton Warriors (Pat Boswell and Paul Entecott) who also won 4-1 against Stan and Jonny from Quainton. Haddenham F in third place 2 points behind the leaders lost some ground when losing 3-2 to Paul Brown and reserve Sue Marchant, for The BB’s. Stuart Brewer and Steve Rycraft are still in with a chance in 4th spot having beaten Barry and his Dad, Pete Hammond 3-2.

The Wednesday Group saw a confrontation between the top two which The Mighty Marlocks (Sue Marchant and Ed Lock) won 3-2 against Bob and Mark Croucher (Team C). Despite his handicap Mark is still unbeaten at the top of the averages. The Hardy Boys are making a late run for honours beating Roger Shelton and Frank Beck (Tring Cockerels) 5 – 0 and occupy third spot three points behind the leaders. The Hardy Boys will play The Marlocks in the last fixture which could decide who goes through to the semi finals from this group.

Whilst this is a handicap competition it is safe to say that the excessive heat has added an extra handicap especially to our older members!



The Summer Table Tennis Competition at Quarrendon is really hotting up with three weeks to go until the semi finalists are known. The Monday group will continue to be close next week with the top teams avoiding each other. Last week Haddenham F trounced Andrew Eggleton and Barry Hammond 5-0. The duo of Steve Ash and Yohan Chapelle are top, one point clear of three teams each on 20 points. John Cripps and Steve Rycraft saw off Greenham’s Crew 5-0 and Haddenham Outlaws (Roger Mott and Lee Mallick) flim-flammed Wiff Waff 4-1. Brompton Warriors, Pat Boswell and Paul Entecott, were made to struggle to win 3-2 against Greg Lewis and David Badham, but the top two are likely to come from the two Haddenham teams, Brompton Warriors and Wham, Bam & Choppin Man.

The Wednesday Group is just as close but next week the top teams will meet and create some likely favourites. This week the top Team, Sue Marchant and Ed Lock, clawed their way to a 4-1 victory over Titanics who remain 5 points off the pace with two other teams. Equal second, just one point behind the leaders, are Tring Cockerels and Team C (The Croucher family). JP Yoxall played his first game for Cockerels and was unbeaten against Biertons Best, but Marlie Gregory and Luke Riley fought well to beat Frank Beck and keep their team in the hunt. The Dark Horse in this Group is The Smashing Guys who this week smashed Clive Westbury and Malcolm Burr (Crendon Creakers) 5-0. Next week Marlocks will play Team C and Tring Cockerels will have it all to do against The Hardy Boys, but The Smashing Guys (Daniel and Poh) have a seemingly easier contest against Titanics but who knows!!!  


Half way through this year's competition and the outstanding performances so far have come from Sue Marchant and Ed Lock and Dave and Mark Croucher in the wednesday group, but they are being pressed by Titanics who managed a 5-0 defeat of Crendon Creakers this week. Tring Cockerels were pulled back this week by Brian Whitehead, winning 3-2 and filling the fourth spot. In the Monday group last year's champions, The Deadly D's are currently 5 points off the leaders in mid table. There are 5 teams within two points of each other with Haddenham F promising to be tough opponents although the resilient Steve Rycraft, John Cripps, Stuart Brewer and Paul Rickard lead the way.

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Results and Tables for 2017

Results Summer Competition 2017.xls

The Deadly D's (David Badham and Dafna Dekel, support from Phil Blind reserve) win the Summer Competition 2017 by 3 games to 2

see reports below


Please download the above link to see the whole Summer Competition spreadsheet. 


Final   The Crendon Crowd (Charles Wallis and Pete Nicholson v The Deadly D's (Dafna Dekel and David Badham)


The Final saw two teams fairly closely matched when considering the handicaps imposed on The Deadly D’s. Dafna and David found Charles Wallis too consistent and both were beaten in two sets, but David pulled back 13 points to overcome Pete Nicholson. Dafna had 9 points against her with Pete and she won the first set 31-26, but rapidly tired in the second. A neat edge brought her level on 30-30 and then she dug in to claim the last point and bring her team level with just the doubles to play. Here The Crendon Crowd had an 11 point advantage and seemed to be on course for a win taking the first set 31-27. The Deadly D’s regrouped, thought out a different strategy and won the second set 31-28. Continued concentration took them through in the decider 24-23 to be this year’s Summer Competition champions.


In a fun competition between teams that finished third and fourth in the tables, Quarrendon (Sue Marchant and Tim Berendt)won the bragging rights with a 5-0 defeat of The Hardy Boys (Phil Blind and Neill Bishop).

semi finals

On a hot sultry night the semi finals for this year’s tussle took place.


My team (The Deadly D’s) took on Top & Chop (Mark and Bob Croucher). This was by far longer than any of the other matches and went down to the wire, thanks to Dafna. She used her 17 point start against Mark to good effect managing to win 31-28, 31-22. Some excellent table tennis was on show. She then eclipsed Bob 21-13, 21-19 with a 2 point start after yours truly collapsed against Mark and, earlier, Bob. The doubles went to a third set which The Deadly D’s won 31-19 to take the tie.


The other semi final saw favourites Hamm, Eggs & Turkey have a real battle on their hands against The Crendon Crowd. Greg Lewis has been in tremendous form for The Crowd and used his 18 point advantage well to beat Andrew Eggleton in two sets. Barry Hammond then restored the balance with a hard fought three set win against Charles Wallis, but then came unstuck against Greg in two sets. Andrew brought it back level with another hard fought three set win against Charles. The doubles could hardly have been closer, see-sawing first one way then the other and naturally going to three sets. It almost finished level but The Crendon Crowd pulled off a win 31-29 to progress to the final against The Deadly D’s tomorrow at Quarrendon.




7.30pm at Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Association.


The third/fourth place play offs between Quarrendon and Haddenham F and Crendon Creakers and The Hardy Boys finished as follows.


Quarrendon v Haddenham F

With Yohan unavailable, Steve Ash joined Paul Howard and they raced into a 2-0 lead, Steve beating Sue Marchant in two sets and Paul beating Tim Berendt in three close 21 up sets.

Sue had a two point start against Paul which was enough to see her through 21-19, 21-19.ah, the handicap system!! Tim gave Steve 4 points but scraped by 21-20 in the first set, collapsed 14-21 in the second but retrieved it to take the third set 21-20 again. 2-2 at the doubles and with Haddenham F having a 2 point start, they looked good for a win. This was to doubt the intensity of Sue and Tim’s game plan and they ran away with it 21-9,21-15 and go into the third/fourth place play off final.


Crendon Creakers v The Hardy Boys

Malcolm Burr was missing his stalwart, Bob Snellgrove and so Jock Campbell filled the breach. However giving Derek Marlow 15 points in the first game was just too much, Derek winning in two sets. Malcolm had to give Phil Blind 17 points and this was again just a little too much on the night with Phil winning in two. Phil was in good form because he then beat Jock albeit with 13 points start and effectively won the match for The Hardy Boys. Malcolm than won against Derek in three sets but Crendon Creakers lost the doubles with The Hardy Boys going through to face Quarrendon.




Again at Quarrendon on Wednesday 19 july (tomorrow) 7.30pm

Week 9



Hamm, Eggs & Turkey maintained their recent high standards with a 4-1win in their last league match against title protagonists Spin, Smash and a Lady to finish top of the Monday Group. Barry Hammond finished with an 88% success rate. Unfortunately for Ray Sippitt, Wanda Heppenheimer and Paul Hartnell, they had a poor run in the last three matches by their standards which meant others were able to overtake them in the run in. Barry, Andrew Eggleton and Andy Templeton top the Monday group by 3 points and are accompanied into the semi finals by The Deadly D’s. The return of a fit Dafna was enough to ensure that they scraped through by virtue of winning more matches than Haddenham F who finished level on points.

The Wednesday Group winners were Mark, Dave and Dad, Bob, Croucher. They continued good form with a 4-1 defeat of The Gibson Team for whom James Gibson had a fine win against Bob. The Crendon Crowd, Charles Wallis and David Owens, finished second with a 4-1 win against The Quarrendon Lads. The Hardy Boys missed out on second place by one point even though they won well against the Quarrendon Seniors, Sue Marchant and Dave Brewer. The semi finals on Monday 17 July will be between Top & Chop (Croucher family) and The Deadly D’s with Hamm,Eggs & Turkey facing The Crendon Crowd. 


Week 8

Top & Chop, Eggleon and Hammond favourites to win semi final places

Pete Edwards replaced the injured Dafna in The Deadly D’s top of the table encounter with Andrew Eggleton and Barry Hammond but couldn’t prevent them winning 4-1 thus putting them emphatically at the top of the Monday Group with one week to go. Their last match is with Spin, Smash and a Lady who have contested the top places all through the contest, but with a 3 point buffer Andrew and Barry are favourites to take one of the semi final places. The Deadly D’s are in with 4 other teams still capable of taking the other place. Paul Howard and Yohan Chapelle took a comfortable 4-1 win against Niko's Group to occupy second place an important point ahead of the other 4 teams.

In the Wednesday Group Mark and David Croucher aka Top & Chop fought off the challenge of The Crendon Crowd who were playing John Cripps as a last minute reserve. Charles Wallis continued his good form with a win against Mark Croucher, but Top & Chop are 3 points ahead of all the others after winning 4-1. Crendon still sit in second place with The Hardy Boys threatening one point behind. Derek Marlow was outstanding this week with two wins against Pat Boswell and Paul Entecott (Brompton Warriors). The Quarrendon Lads suffered a 3-2 loss courtesy of an unbeaten performance from Andy Bradley and a win for Nobby Tennison who stepped in at the last minute. This puts the Lads 3 points off the chase for second place. 

Week 7

With just two matches to play the Monday Group is shaping up to be a choice of two from the top four. Currently Andy Templeton’s team lead equal on points with Dafna Dekel and David Badham who have strung a run of good results together since their inauspicious first two games from which they only took one point. Next week these two teams play each other which might allow Ray Sippitt and Paul Hartnell and Quainton PG Tips (Phil Ginger and Stan Speck) a chance to stake their claims. Presently they are level in third place just one point off the pace. Haddenham F also entered the fray this week with a resounding 5-0 defeat of Paul Brown and David Barnacle, putting them fifth 2 points off the lead. Outstanding for them were Yohan Chapelle and Paul Howard. Wiff Waff won again 3-2, courtesy of two good wins from Tim Sallis, to take them off the bottom, one point ahead of Niko’s Group. With just 9 points from top to bottom, this has been a very competitive Division.


The Croucher Brothers and Charles Wallis with Greg Lewis moved ahead of the rest in the Wednesday group and lead by 3 points with two weeks to go. An emphatic 5-0 win by Greg and Charles against Titanics made them one of the favourites having steadily moved up the table through the last few weeks. They will face Dave and Mark Croucher next week in a top two encounter. The Quarrendon team is still in contention despite losing to the Crouchers 3-2, Tim Berendt inflicting a first loss for Dave Croucher. The Lads suffered their first loss 4-1 at the hands of James Gibson and Sam Veragoo and will now need two good results to join the three teams above them. Luke Riley and Jack Clark won a vital point taking a good doubles win. With a 4-1 win against The Wooden Tops, Phil Blind and Derek Marlow have an outside chance of a top two finish, especially as they face Quarrendon in the last fixture. Gerry Saunders and Mark Spragg lost to Brompton Warriors 5-0 and remain at the foot of the table.

Week 6

Mondays Group is even closer after this week’s results. The Deadly D’s (Dafna Dekel and David Badham) moved into serious contention by beating Niko’s Group 5-0. Ray Sippitt and Wanda Heppenheimer kept their noses in front staying one point ahead of 4 teams by beating Steve Rycraft and Martin Gillett 3-2 and with three games remaining even Paul Brown and David Barnacle two points off the lead can snatch a semi final place if results go their way. Crendon Creakers (Malcolm Burr and Bob Snellgrove) can upset all the odds having won 5 from 6 games, this week seeing off Wiff Waff 3-2. Quainton PG Tips and Hamm, Eggs & Turkey equal on points with The Deadlies and Creakers in second place may have something to say, however!

On Wednesday we saw the first appearance of Luke Riley (age 13) for the Quarrendon Lads and with a sizeable start he beat Frank Beck to help his team mate, Liam O’Callaghan, to maintain their unbeaten run. They are second, equal on points still with the Quarrendon Seniors, who recorded a 3-2 win against Andy Bradley and Graham Butcher, courtesy of wins for Sue Marchant and James Uchuno against Graham who has had a torrid time this season. Top & Chop, extended their one point lead from last week to two points beating Brompton Warriors 4-1. Brothers Mark and Dave from the Premier Division were too good for Pete Edwards and Pat Boswell in the singles but then capitulated in the doubles lo lose what might be a crucial point. The Dark Horse in this group, The Crendon Crowd have joined the Quarrendon Teams on 20 points in second place by winning 3 -2 against The Gibson Team.


As at week 5

Two teams lead the Monday Summer Competition League at the halfway stage but only by one point from three others. In fact, where 5 points are on offer in each game, ninth place is just 5 points off the top place. This week Andrew Eggleton and Barry Hammond won 3-2 against Niko Ferdinandov and Andy Crofts although Andy came away unbeaten. Wanda Heppenheimer and Paul Hartnell are the other top team having seen off Quainton PG Tips 3-2 where Stan Speck won the points for Quainton. The dark horse in this group is Crendon Creakers (Malcolm Burr and Bob Snellgrove) who snatched 4 points off Martin Gillett and John Cripps, only losing the doubles. Wiff Waff are bottom at present although they won 3-2 this week against Paul Brown and David Barnacle and they are just two points off the pace.


The Wednesday Group has become closer with Quarrendon Lads beating Quarrendon Seniors 3-2 to be equal on points but Top and Chop (The Croucher family) won a gritty encounter against Neill Bishop and Derek Marlow 4-1 to grab the lead by 1 point. 4 of their 5 games went to 3 sets with the Crouchers stealing two of them at the death. Pete Nicholson and Charles Wallis had a resounding 5-0 victory against Gerry Saunders and Mark Spragg to join the Quarrendon teams on 17 points in second place. Other outstanding players this week were Stuart Brewer for Wooden Tops, Paul Entecott for Brompton Warriors, Dave Croucher and Liam O’Callaghan (Lads).



Four points is all that covers the top 9 teams in the Table Tennis Summer Competition, Monday Group, with 4 teams together at the top on 12 points. This week the Bishopstone trio, Paul Hartnell, Ray Sippitt and Wanda Heppenheimer suffered their first defeat 4-1 to David Badham and Phil Blind. Quainton PG Tips, Paul Unwin and Phil Ginger also lost for the first time to Steve Rycraft and John Cripps. Despite their defeats both teams remain at the top but have been joined by The BB’s and Andrew Eggleton and Barry Hammond. There are no favourites to go through to the finals from this group as yet. Niko’s Group have joined the fray with a 3-2 win against Paul Brown and David Barnacle (The BB’s), Andy Crofts is their strength, so far unbeaten.

The Quarrendon Lads saw off the challenge of The Croucher family in the Wednesday group this week winning 3-2 but are still 1 point behind the Quarrendon Seniors who had a resounding 5-0 win against Ken Hill and Mark Spragg aka Iceberg. Handicap winner, Jack Bacon, took his form into the confrontation with Premier player, Mark Croucher, using his 23 point advantage to win 31-15, 31-22. Bob Croucher from Div One extended him a little further into 3 sets, having 14 points to overhaul. The Lads will play the Seniors next week which will determine which of the Quarrendon Teams becomes the favourite to go through to the semi finals, given that The Croucher Family are still in the mix level on 14 points with the Lads.



After two weeks Ray Sippit, Paul Hartnell and Wanda Heppenheimer aka Spin, Smash and a Lady, lead the Monday Group, closely followed by Quainton PG Tips who include young Johnny Webb in their ranks. Johnny won both his games this week against previous winners, Tim Sallis and Jock Campbell playing as Wiff Waff. John Cripps, Steve Rycraft and Martin Gillett are level with Quainton in the early stages.

The Lads Team and Top & Chop (The Croucher family) lead the Wednesday Group, closely followed by the Quarrendon Team. The Lads is a mixture of Div Two and Three players from Quarrendon and they trounced Brompton Warriors 5-0 in the first match. Outstanding here were Tom Ludlow and Liam O’Callaghan. Brothers Dave and Mark Croucher did well to win 4 – 1 against the Iceberg Team of Mark Spragg and Ken Hill, then Dave stood down for Dad, Bob, to win twice in the 4-1 defeat of Wooden Tops (Paul Rickard and Frank Beck). Tim Berendt and Sue Marchant representing Quarrendon have started well with two wins, the last being 4-1 against james Gibson and Sam Veragoo. 


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