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After two weeks Ray Sippit, Paul Hartnell and Wanda Heppenheimer aka Spin, Smash and a Lady, lead the Monday Group, closely followed by Quainton PG Tips who include young Johnny Webb in their ranks. Johnny won both his games this week against previous winners, Tim Sallis and Jock Campbell playing as Wiff Waff. John Cripps, Steve Rycraft and Martin Gillett are level with Quainton in the early stages.

The Lads Team and Top & Chop (The Croucher family) lead the Wednesday Group, closely followed by the Quarrendon Team. The Lads is a mixture of Div Two and Three players from Quarrendon and they trounced Brompton Warriors 5-0 in the first match. Outstanding here were Tom Ludlow and Liam O’Callaghan. Brothers Dave and Mark Croucher did well to win 4 – 1 against the Iceberg Team of Mark Spragg and Ken Hill, then Dave stood down for Dad, Bob, to win twice in the 4-1 defeat of Wooden Tops (Paul Rickard and Frank Beck). Tim Berendt and Sue Marchant representing Quarrendon have started well with two wins, the last being 4-1 against james Gibson and Sam Veragoo. 


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