February Council Meeting

February Council Meeting and SGM held at the Table Tennis Centre on Monday 2nd February


The proposal made by Neil Honeyman of FCC that an SGM to discuss the matter of promotion and relegation particularly as it affected Division One this season was debated by a well attended meeting. Neil gave his view that to relegate 2 teams from Division One this season would have an adverse affect on the league next season. It was pointed out that all three teams who could possibly be relegated have strong teams and would probably dominate Division Two. This would mean those players and more importantly could demoralise new less experienced teams and players in that division. Neil also pointed out that FCC "A" had played in Division Two last season and that this had been their experience then. 

Matthew O'Flynn pointed out that the decision to relegate two teams had in fact been made before the number of teams playing in Division One was known. According to the League Rules another team from Division Two should have been placed in Division One thus making a 2 down rule more appropriate. 

Paul Croft voiced concern about the affect this could have on Juniors. The relegated team would probably deny another team possibly including juniors the chance of promotion to Division One. 

The other side to the debate was centred on the fact that a rule is a rule and should should be implemented no matter what affect it might have on the future of the league. Members felt that it was unfair that a Division One team that started the season knowing the rule was two teams to be relegated should be given an exemption and accept that the AGM had voted for this. 

Following further discussion the following proposals were made -

  • that 2 teams be promoted and 1 team relegated
  • that there should be play offs
  • that promotion and relegation should remain as voted by the AGM          

The meeting voted in favour of keeping 2 up / 2 down for this season.

Council Meeting                                                  

Council MeetingThe meeting voted in favour of keeping the 2 up 2 down rule. All clubs were represented.

Millom FP were awarded a 10-0 win against Vickerstown Saints who were unable to field a side. 

The draws for the Handicap Cups were handed out.

The tournament would now be held at the end of the season after the fixtures had finished. 

Thwaites registered 4 new junior players - Scott Barker, Jack Cullen, Sam Huddleston and Jake Huddleston. M. O'Flynn would liaise with Tony Galloway to give them handicaps. 

M. O'Flynn suggested that because there had been no Junior event at recent annual tournaments despite many youngsters playing table tennis in the town that he would be prepared to arrange a Junior tournament with various events open to all juniors who play at clubs or local schools. John Harrison suggested that there should be Girls' events to encourage more to enter. However, the Chairman ruled that such an event could not go ahead under the auspices of the Barrow League as the tournament had to be a closed tournament and thus only registered players could play. He did, however, suggest that such an event could be organised independently of the League. 

The "100" club draw was made and the meeting closed. 

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