Chronicle Report 11th Dec 2014

Newly formed Bath Invaders came back from 4-1 down to pip their
former Newbridge club-mates 6-4 in Division 1. Jon Bowers and Paul Jeffrey both
carded doubles, and Simon Monks added a further point for the victors. Gary
Sartain and Colin Dowding replied with a pair of wins each for Newbridge.

Bathford B earned a creditable home draw against title
challengers Westhill Lambs to remain an outside bet for promotion themselves.
Man of the match Colin Thomas claimed a treble for the hosts and was supported
by Jules Truss and Chen Chen who won a game each. Dave Montano (2) Keren
Millard and Paul Crocker scored points for the Lambs.

In the Yatton Keynell intra-club fixture in Division 2, the
C team claimed the bragging rights by defeating the D team 6-4. Lewis Payne
made the difference for the winners by registering a maximum, but was aided by
further wins from Edward Lea and Martin Wilkins. Adam Dawes (2) Richard Trubody
and Kevin Coxon scored points for the D team.

Key Centre B and Bathford D had to settle for a share of the
points at Keynsham. Matt Timpson (2) Mark Tanner (2) and Sue Ruse took games
for the hosts, with Mark Davis and Cyril Case both winning pairs for the

After recording their first Premier Division win of the
season the previous week Frys properly upset the form book in gaining a
surprise 6-4 away success against previously unbeaten leaders Bathford A. Once
again Emmanuel Le Boulbar was the star of the show with a hat-trick for Frys
and Fred Martin supported him well with a double. Albert Bolhuis (2) Ray
Bennett and Steve Phillips carded wins for the home team.

Elsewhere in the top division Oldfield C and Yatton Keynell A
fought out a draw at Monkton Combe. Jamie Smith starred with a treble for the
visitors, with Shaun Eagles adding their other two points. For the hosts, Paul
Redman was the top man with a pair, and Mark Kerslake and Jim Stevens won a
game apiece


Premier Division

Bathford A 4 (A. Bolhuis 2, R. Bennett 1, S. Phillips 1) Frys
6 (F. Martin 2, M. Moore 0, E. Le Boulbar 3, Dbls 1)

Key Centre A 3 (K. Milsom 1, P. Galea 1, G. Harbour 1)
Chippenham C 7 (A. Cox 3, S. Cooper 3, P. Bevan 0, Dbls 1)

Oldfield C 5 (P. Redman 2, M. Kerslake 1, J. Stevens 1, Dbls
1) Yatton Keynell A 5 (J. Smith 3, K. Holland 0, S. Eagles 2)

Oldfield A 4 (D. Bartlett 1, A. Champneys 1, M. Woodcock 2)
Chippenham A 6 (T. Parkin 2, R. Cary 0, G. Baldwin 3, Dbls 1)


Division 1

Bathford B 5 (C. Thomas 3, J. Truss 1, S. Chen 1) Westhill
Lambs 5 (D. Montano 2, K. Millard 1, P. Crocker 1, Dbls 1)

Ensleigh 3 (C. Chapman 0, I. Clark 2, D. Hockney 1) Westhill
Lambs 7 (D. Montano 1, C. Bennett 3, P. Crocker 2, Dbls 1)

Bathford C 6 (R. Wickham 2, R. Cole 2, J. Kashdan-Brown 2) Batheaston
A 4 (R. Cotton 0, P. Smith 0, I. Holbrook 3, Dbls 1)

Mayfield 4 (N. Woolley 1, R. Morris 0, S. Tanner 2, Dbls 1)
Bathford B 6 (S. Chen 2, P. Whipp 1, C. Thomas 3)

Bath Invaders 6 (J. Bowers 2, S. Monks 1, P. Jeffrey 2, Dbls
1) Newbridge 4 (G. Sartain 2, C. Dowding 2, B. White 0)

Yatton Keynell B 5 (R. Terrell 2, R. Portlock 0, S.
Richardson 2, Dbls 1) Oldfield D 5 (G. Burridge 1, B. Neathey 1, M. George 3)


Division 2

Bear Flat A 8 (A. Steady 3, M. Asanovic 1, P. Gibbs3, Dbls
1) Bear Flat B 2 (G. Oaten 1, J. Wiles 0, T. Floyd 1)

Bathford E 4 (E. Littlejohns 3, O. Teasdale 0, M. Le Butt 0,
Dbls 1) Oldfield E 6 (L. Bailey 2, K. Walter 2, B. Waller 2)

Key Centre B 5 (S. Ruse 1, M. Timpson 2, M. Tanner 2)
Bathford D 5 (M. Davis 2, T. Parr 0, C. Case 2, Dbls 1)

Batheaston B 6 (C. Sharpe 0, C. Thomas 3, C. Rudd 2, Dbls 1)
Bath Civil Service 4 (J. Skelton 1, R. Rice 1, D. Hogg 2)

Yatton Keynell D 4 (A. Dawes 2, R. Trubody 1, K.
Coxon 1) Yatton Keynell C 6 (L. Payne 3, E. Lea 1, M. Wilkins 1, Dbls 1)
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