Chronicle Report 15th Jan 2015

Reigning Premier Division champions Chippenham A commenced
the second half of the season by beating their C team 8-2 to resume in pole
position. Terry Parkins and Gary Baldwin both claimed maximums for the A Team,
and Andy Cox and Alan Feltham shared the points for the C team by both
overcoming John Clifford.

In the Oldfield derby, the C team did well to beat their B
team 7-3. Nigel Dagger took the plaudits with a treble for the victors, and was
aided by further wins from Jim Stevens (2) and Mark Kerslake. Bill Guibarra (2)
and John Higgs won games for the B team.

In the top of the table clash in Division 1, Westhill Lambs
drew level with Yatton Keynell B, after a 7-3 home victory, and have the
advantage of a match in hand. Dave Montano was the star man with an excellent
hat-trick for the hosts, for whom Andy Boucher and Chris Bennett also carded
doubles. For the visitors, Steve Richardson and Mark Terrell won a game each;
the latter’s victory over Boucher saw the end of the last remaining unbeaten
record in the division.

Oldfield D enjoyed a 7-3 success at home to Mayfield in a
hard fought match that was closer than the score suggests. Brian Neathey and
Mike Newton both recorded maximums for the winners, with Julie Taylor adding
the other point. Nigel Woolley and Reg Morris won a game apiece for the away

In Division 2 the young Bathford E team showed why they are
top of the league by emphatically beating fellow promotion hopefuls, Bear Flat
A, 8-2. Ben Jukes starred for the victors with a treble, and Oscar Teasdale and
Ethan Littlejohns claimed pairs. Peter Gibbs and Mikhail Asanovic won the only
games for Bear Flat.

The veterans of Bath Civil Service picked up a useful 6-4
away victory against Bathford D. Bob Rice took the honours for the visitors
with a hat-trick, which was supplemented by further wins from Dave Hogg (2) and
Jeff Skelton. Mark Davis’ brace was the best for the hosts, whose other singles
success came from John Holding.


Premier Division

Chippenham A 10 (T. Parkins 3, J. Clifford 3, G. Baldwin 3, Dbls
1) Chippenham C 0 (A. Feltham 0, P. Bevan 0)

Oldfield B 4 (M. Noel 1, W. Guibarra 1, D. Coombe 2)
Bathford A 6 (A. Bolhuis 3, C. Thomas 0, R. Francis 2, Dbls 1)

Frys 0 (C. Toft 0, F. Martin 0, M. Moore 0) Oldfield A 10
(M. Woodcock 3, R. Hindle 3, D. Bartlett 3, Dbls 1)

Chippenham C 2 (S. Cooper 0, A. Cox 1, A. Feltham 1) Chippenham
A 8 (T. Parkins 3, J. Clifford 1, G. Baldwin 3, Dbls 1)

Chippenham B 3 (A. Perham 1, P. Vincent 1, B. Taylor 1) Bathford
A 7 (A. Bolhuis 3, R. Bennett 3, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell A 6 (S. Eagles 2, J. Flynn 2, K. Holland 2)
Key Centre A 4 (K. Milsom 0, G. Harbour 0, M. Le Butt 3, Dbls 1)

Oldfield B 3 (J. Higgs 1, W. Guibarra 2, M. George 0) Oldfield
C 7 (M. Kerslake 1, J. Stevens 2, N. Dagger 3, Dbls 1)


Division 1

Ensleigh 7 (P. Zhang 3, D. Hockney 2, C. Chapman 1, Dbls 1)
Bathford C 3 (R. Cole 1, R. Wallis 1, R. Wickham 1)

Bathford B 9 (S. Phillips 2, S. Chen 3, C. Thomas 3, Dbls 1)
Newbridge 1 (G. Sartain 1, C. Dowding 0, B. White 0)

Oldfield D 7 (B. Neathey 3, J. Taylor 1, M. Newton 3) Mayfield
3 (N. Woolley 1, R. Morris 1, S. Tanner 0, Dbls 1)

Westhill Lambs 7 (D. Montano 3, A. Boucher 2, C. Bennett 2) Yatton
Keynell B 3 (R. Terrell 0, S. Richardson 1, M. Terrell 1, Dbls 1)


Division 2

Oldfield E 6 (M. Bishop 0, K. Walter 2, L. Bailey 3, Dbls 1)
Batheaston B 4 (N. Thomas 2, P. Gentle 1, C. Rudd 1)

Bathford D 4 (M. Davis 2, T. Parr 0, J. Holding 1, Dbls 1)
Bath Civil Service 6 (J. Skelton 1, R. Rice 3, D. Hogg 2)

Bathford E 8 (O. Teasdale 2, B. Jukes 3, E. Littlejohns 2, Dbls
1) Bear Flat A 2 (P. Gibbs 1, A. Steady 0, M. Asanovic 1)

Bear Flat B 5 (G. Oaten 1, J. Wiles 1, T. Floyd 3) Yatton
Keynell D 5 (R. Trubody 0, J. Freeman 2, R. Weston 2, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell C 7 (L. Payne 2, T. Payne 2, M.
Wilkins 2, Dbls 1) Key Centre B 3 (M. Timpson 0, S. Ruse 0, D. Carter 3)
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