Chronicle Report 26th Feb 2015

Yatton Keynell C registered a narrow 6-4 home win over Bear
Flat A in Division 2, leaving themselves well placed in second position and
reducing their opponents outside chance of that second promotion spot. Lewis
Payne was man of the match for the hosts with a hat-trick and their other
points were earned by Edward Lea (2) and Martin Wilkins. Peter Gibbs (2) and
Mikhail Asanovic responded for Bear Flat.

Oldfield E also remain well in contention for a top-two
place after their 8-2 home success against bottom team Bear Flat B. Lee Bailey
and Keith Walter both carded trebles for the victors, with Mike Bishop adding a
further win. Dave Naismith and Gary Oaten managed a point each for the
visitors, who are now well adrift at the bottom.

Chippenham A’s march towards a seemingly inevitable Premier
Division title gathered yet more pace with a 9-1 demolition of Bathford A, who
have slipped from second place due to ongoing availability problems. Albert
Bolhuis’ win against John Clifford gave the visitors their only point, leaving
Gary Baldwin and Terry Parkins unbeaten for the leaders.

Chippenham B remain at the foot of the table after going
down 6-4 away to Yatton Keynell A, for whom Jamie Smith starred with a maximum
and Shaun Eagles claimed a brace. Andrew Perham’s double was best for the away
side and their other points came from Paul Vincent and Bryan Taylor.

Yatton Keynell B are still well placed for a top-two finish
in Division 1 following a 6-4 away victory against Mayfield. Malaysian teenager
Edwin Choo took the honours for the home team with a fine hat-trick, and Steve
Tanner gained their other point. However, pairs from Mark Terrell and Steve
Richardson, and a further win by Bob Portlock, ensured victory for the

Newbridge gained a valuable 6-4 home win against Bathford C
to inch away from the bottom of the table and close the gap on their opponents,
who lie just outside the drop zone. Gary Sartain and Colin Dowding both claimed
trebles to secure the win for the hosts, with Richard Wallis, Julian
Kashdan-Brown, and Richard Wickham carding a point each for Bathford.



Premier Division

Frys 3 (E. Le Boulbar 2, C. Toft 0, F. Martin 1) Oldfield B
7 (M. Noel 1, D. Coombe 2, M. Reeves 3, Dbls 1)

Chippenham C 3 (A. Cox 2, S. Cooper 1, P. Bevan 0) Oldfield
A 7 (R. Hindle 1, D. Bartlett 2, A. Champneys 3, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell 6 (J. Smith 3, S. Eagles 2, P. Drage 0, Dbls
1) Chippenham B 4 (P. Vincent 1, B. Taylor 1, A. Perham 2)

Chippenham A 9 (J. Clifford 2, G. Baldwin 3, T. Parkins 3,
Dbls 1) Bathford A 1 (A. Bolhuis 1, R. Bennett 0, C. Thomas 0)


Division 1

Mayfield 4 (E. Choo 3, R. Morris 0, S. Tanner 1) Yatton
Keynell B 6 (M. Terrell 2, S. Richardson 2, R. Portlock 1, Dbls 1)

Newbridge 6 (G. Sartain 3, B. White 0, C. Dowding 3) Bathford
C 4 (R. Wallis 1, J. Kashdan-Brown 1, R. Wickham 1, Dbls 1)

Oldfield D 9 (G. Burridge 2, M. George 3, M. Newton 3, Dbls
1) Ensleigh 1 (D. Hockney 0, C. Chapman 0, P. Zhang 1)

Batheaston A 1 (D. Townsend 1, P. Smith 0, R. Cotton 0)
Westhill Lambs 9 (A. Boucher 3, D. Montano 3, P. Crocker 2, Dbls 1)


Division 2

Oldfield E 8 (M. Bishop 1, L. Bailey 3, K. Walter 3, Dbls 1)
Bear Flat B 2 (D. Naismith 1, G. Oaten 1, K. Gammon 0)

Key Centre B 1 (M. Tanner 0, S. Ruse 0, D. Carter 1) Yatton
Keynell D 9 (A. Dawes 3, J. Freeman 2, R. Trubody 3, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell C 6 (L. Payne 3, E. Lea 2, M.
Wilkins 1) Bear Flat A 4 (P. Gibbs 2, M. Asanovic 1, J. Johnstone 0, Dbls 1)
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