Chronicle Report 12th Mar 2015

Oldfield C pulled off the shock of the week in the Premier Division by holding runaway leaders, Chippenham A, to a draw with only two players. Paul Redman and Jim Stevens both beat John Clifford and Roy Cary, and combined to win the doubles for Oldfield. However, Terry Parkins was unbeaten for the leaders, thereby ensuring the draw.

Oldfield A remain in contention for the runners-up spot after defeating Key Centre A 6-4 at home. Dave Bartlett and Mark Woodcock won two games each, with Bob Hindle adding a further point for the hosts. Martyn Le Butt’s treble was the mainstay of the visitors’ response and Grahame Harbour contributed their other point.

Ensleigh beat Batheaston A 6-4 to leave them in trouble at the foot of the Division 1 table. Dave Hockney and Ping Zhang both carded braces for the victors, with Chris Chapman also claiming a game. The away team replied though Dennis Townsend (2) Peter Smith, and Richard Cotton.

Simon Monks led the way for Bath Invaders with a hard earned maximum in their 8-2 success against Mayfield, but Jon Bowers and Paul Jeffery also added pairs. Steve Tanner and Reg Morris replied for Mayfield.

The top of the table clash in Division 2, between Bathford E and Yatton Keynell C, ended all square, leaving Bathford with a narrow 5 point advantage going into the last 3 matches. Lewis Payne was man of the match with his hat-trick for Yatton, whose other singles point was won by Edward Lea. Ben Jukes (2) Oscar Teasdale (2) and Ethan Littlejohns made up the leaders’ tally.

Bathford D registered a useful 8-2 away win against bottom team Bear Flat B, who look destined for last place. Cyril Case took the honours for the visitors with a treble, and he was well supported by Mark Davis and Tony Parr who won a pair apiece. Trevor Floyd’s brace was all that Bear Flat could manage in reply.



Premier Division

Oldfield A 6 (R. Hindle 1, D. Bartlett 2, M. Woodcock 2, Dbls 1) Key Centre A 4 (M. Le Butt 3, G. Harbour 1, K. Milsom 0)

Bathford A 9 (A. Bolhuis 3, R. Bennett 3, R. Francis 2, Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell A 1 (S. Eagles 0, P. Drage 0, K. Holland 1)

Oldfield C 5 (P. Redman 2, J. Stevens 2, Dbls 1) Chippenham A 5 (T. Parkins 3, J. Clifford 1, R. Cary 1)

Oldfield B 4 (M. Noel 1, W. Guibarra 1, D. Coombe 1, Dbls 1) Chippenham C 6 (P. Bevan 0, S. Cooper 3, A. Feltham 3)


Division 1

Ensleigh 6 (D. Hockney 2, C. Chapman 1, P. Zhang 2, Dbls 1) Batheaston A 4 (D. Townsend 2, P. Smith 1, R. Cotton 1)

Bathford C 0 (R. Wickham 0, R. Cole 0, J. Kashdan-Brown 0) Oldfield D 10 (G. Burridge 3, M. Newton 3, J. Taylor 3, Dbls 1)

Bath Invaders 8 (J. Bowers 2, P. Jeffery 2, S. Monks 3, Dbls 1) Mayfield 2 (N. Woolley 0, S. Tanner 1, R. Morris 1)  


Division 2

Bathford D 6 (M. Davis 3, C. Case 2, T. Parr 1) Batheston B 4 (N. Thomas 2, P. Gentle 1, Dbls 1)

Bear Flat A 5 (P. Gibbs 1, M. Asanovic 1, J. Johnstone 2, Dbls 1) Oldfield E 5 (K. Walter 3, P. Harris 0, L. Bailey 2)

Bathford E 5 (B. Jukes 2, O. Teasdale 2, E. Littlejohns 1) Yatton Keynell C 5 (L. Payne 3, E. Lea 1, M. Wilkins 0, Dbls 1)

Batheaston B 5 (C. Sharpe 0, N. Thomas 2, P. Gentle 2, Dbls 1) Key Centre B 5 (S. Ruse 1, M. Tanner 1, M. Timpson 3)

Bear Flat B 2 (D. Naismith 0, K. Gammon 0, T. Floyd 2) Bathford D 8 (M. Davis 2, T. Parr 2, C. Case 3, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell D 9 (R. Trubody 3, A. Dawes 3, R. Weston 2, Dbls 1) Bath Civil Service 1 (J. Skelton 1, R. Rice 0, D. Hogg 0)

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