Chronicle Report 16th Apr 2015

All the titles and promotion places in the Bath and District league have now been confirmed, leaving just the relegation spots in the top two divisions to be resolved.

Oldfield A made absolutely certain of the runners-up position in the Premier Division by defeating their only possible challengers, Bathford A, 8-2 away from home. Alan Champneys took the honours for the visitors with a treble, and Paul Redman and Bob Hindle both added braces. Albert Bolhuis was the sole contributor for the home team.

Oldfield C and Key Centre A completed their seasons with a 4-6 scoreline at Keynsham, leaving the teams in fourth and fifth places respectively. Paul Redman starred with a hat-trick for the two-man Oldfield team and Mark Kerslake won two of his games. Martyn Le Butt’s win over Kerslake was Key Centre’s only success of the evening.

In the closely fought Division 1 relegation battle, Batheaston A picked up eleven points in their last two matches to leave Bathford C with the difficult task of taking eight points or more from their final match to escape the bottom two. Batheaston lost narrowly to Mayfield in their penultimate match, but went on to beat two-man Bath Invaders 7-3 in their final match. Dennis Townsend, Peter Smith, and Richard Cotton all won games for the village team, with Simon Monks (2) and Paul Jeffery replying.

Bathford B took nine points from their last two matches, which was only enough to secure a fourth placed finish, despite them finishing just seven points outside the top two. Unfortunately their final match was against champions Westhill Lambs, who won 7-3. Andy Boucher and Dave Montano both claimed maximums once again for the Lambs, with Chris Bennett adding the other point. Colin Thomas and Chen Chen won a game each for Bathford, to add to their success in the doubles.

In Division 2, bottom side Bear Flat B finished their campaign by taking a creditable four points off runners-up Yatton Keynell B, with Gary Oaten and Trevor Floyd both carding braces. The division’s top player, Lewis Payne, was again man of the match for Yatton with another treble, and he was aided by Edward Lea and Martin Wilkins who won a game each.    



Premier Division

Bathford A 2 (A. Bolhuis 2, R. Bennett 0, J. Truss 0) Oldfield A 8 (P. Redman 2, R. Hindle 2, A. Champneys 3, Dbls 1)

Key Centre A 4 (P. Galea 1, G. Harbour 1, M. Le Butt 2) Oldfield C 6 (P. Redman 3, M. Kerslake 2, Dbls 1)


Division 1

Yatton Keynell B 6 (R. Terrell 2, S. Richardson 2, R. Portlock 1, Dbls 1) Newbridge 4 (G. Sartain 3, B. White 0, C. Dowding 1)

Mayfield 6 (N. Woolley 2, E. Choo 3, S. Tanner 1) Batheaston A 4 (D. Townsend 1, P. Smith 2, R. Cotton 0, Dbls 1)

Mayfield 3 (E. Choo 1, R. Morris 0, S. Tanner 1, Dbls 1) Westhill Lambs 7 (A. Boucher 3, C. Bennett 2, P. Crocker 2)

Batheaston A 7 (D. Townsend 2, P. Smith 2, R. Cotton 2, Dbls 1) Bath Invaders 3 (P. Jeffery 1, S. Monks 2)

Bathford B 6 (J. Truss 1, R. Gaisford 2, S. Phillips 2, Dbls 1) Bath Invaders 4 (P. Jeffery 0, S. Monks 2, A. Williams 2)

Westhill Lambs 7 (A. Boucher 3, D. Montano 3, C. Bennett 1) Bathford B 3 (C. Thomas 1, S. Chen 1, S. Phillips 0, Dbls 1)


Division 2

Batheaston B 7 (C. Rudd 3, C. Sharpe 2, P. Gentle 2) Bear Flat B 3 (K. Gammon 0, T. Floyd 2, D. Naismith 0, Dbls 1)

Bear Flat B 4 (G. Oaten 2, D. Naismith 0, T. Floyd 2) Yatton Keynell C 6 (L. Payne 3, E. Lea 1, M. Wilkins 1, Dbls 1)

Bathford E 10 (O. Teasdale 3, B. Jukes 3, E. Littlejohns 3, Dbls 1) Bath Civil Service 0 (D. Riley 0, J. Skelton 0, D. Hogg 0)
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