Chronicle Report 28th Jan 2016

Following a number of byes in round one, the second round of cup matches featured a full draw of matches in both the Restricted Cup and Handicap Cups.

In the Restricted Cup (for teams in Divisions One and Two) the two all Division 2 affairs were both closely contested, but the away teams edged the matches 5-4. A maximum from man of the match Phil Gentle, plus a further win from Chris Sharpe, was just not enough as visiting Yatton Keynell D triumphed with pairs from Bob Portlock and Jon Freeman, and a single from Ben Sage. Peter Gibbs and Andrew Steady both claimed braces, with Trevor Floyd adding a single game, as Bear Flat A pipped Bathford D, who replied through Leon (2) and Julian Kashdan-Brown, and Richard Wickham.

Division Two team Oldfield E were 4-0 up away to Bathford B from Division One, thanks to games from Keith Walter (2) Brian Waller and Lee Bailey. However they could not win the crucial fifth game as the hosts came back to win 5-4, with victories from Steve Phillips (2) Jules Truss (2) and Richard Gaisford.

A fine treble from Martin Moore, supplemented by a single from Phil Turner, was not enough as two-man Frys went down at home to Mayfield in an all-Division One clash. Dave Galley and Nigel Woolley registered the two necessary games for the away side.

In the Handicap Cup, Division One team Yatton Keynell B had to work hard to overcome understrength Bear Flat B from the bottom tier 5-4 at St John’s School. Gary Oaten and Trevor Floyd both carded pairs for the hosts, but they could not beat Mark Terrell, whose maximum decided the match for Yatton.

Only one tie was played in the Premier Division’s KO Cup, with holders Chippenham A having little trouble in beating Key Centre A 9-0 at Langley Burrell. Terry Parkins, Jerry Musselwhite, and Gary Baldwin were the unbeaten home trio.   



KO Cup

Chippenham A 9 (T. Parkins 3, J. Musselwhite 3, G. Baldwin 3) Key Centre A 0 (M. Le Butt 0, P. Galea 0, K. Milsom 0)


Restricted Cup

Frys 4 (P. Turner 1, M. Moore 3) Mayfield 5 (D. Galley 2, N. Woolley 2, S. Tanner 1)

Batheaston B 4 (P. Gentle 3, N. Thomas 0, C. Sharpe 1) Yatton Keynell D 5 (R. Portlock 2, J. Freeman 2, B. Sage 1)

Bathford B 5 (S. Phillips 2, R. Gaisford 1, J. Truss 2) Oldfield E 4 (K. Walter 2, B. Waller 1, L. Bailey 1)

Ensleigh 6 (I. Clark 2, A. Thorne 2, P. Zhang 2) Key Centre B 3 (D. Carter 0, M. Tanner 0, B. Pollard 3)

Yatton Keynell B 7 (R.Terrell 2, M. Terrell 2, S. Richardson 3) YattonKeynell C 2 (A. Dawes 1, W. Adams 1, M. Wilkins 0)

Bathford D 4 (J. Kashdan-Brown 1, L. Kashdan-Brown 2, R. Wickham 1) Bear Flat A 5 (P. Gibbs 2, A. Steady 2, T. Floyd 1)


Handicap Cup

Oldfield A 8 (R. Hindle 3, D. Bartlett 3, A. Champneys 2) Oldfield B 1 (M. Noel 1, D. Ashley 0, D. Coombes 0)

Oldfield C 8 (N. Dagger 2, P Redman 3, J. Stevens 3) Yatton Keynell A 1 (A. Dawes 1, S. Eagles 0, P. Drage 0)

Mayfield 6 (N. Woolley 2, R. Morris 2, S. Tanner 2) Bathford E 3 (T. Parr 0, M. Davis 3, J. Holding 0)

Oldfield D 9 (M. Newton 3, C. Dowding 3, O. Newton 3) Bathford C 0 (E. Littlejohns 0, B. Jukes 0)

Bear Flat B 4 (G. Oaten 2, T. Floyd 2) Yatton Keynell B 5 (M. Terrell 3, R. Terrell 1, J. Flynn 1)
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