Chronicle Report 15th Dec 2016

Sasidharan Anandraj starred with a fine treble and Bill Guibarra added a further point as Oldfield C shared the spoils with Bath Invaders A in an excellent Premier Division match at St John’s school. In losing to Anandraj, the hosts’ Len Vowles and Ian Maggs both surrendered their unbeaten records and had to settle for braces on the night. Ray Hall scored their fifth point.

Yatton Keynell A greatly improved their survival prospects with a 10-0 thrashing of Bathford B away from home. Jamie Smith, Neil Bird, and Steve Richardson were the unbeaten trio.

In Division 1 Bath Invaders B had to work hard to beat Bear Flat A 6-4, with Bryan Taylor and Martyn Millard registering pairs, and Paul Jeffery contributing a single game. Bear Flat replied through Paul Green (2) Andy Steady, and Pete Gibbs.

Ian Clark and Ping Zhang both carded maximums as Ensleigh A beat Oldfield D 6-4 at Monkton Combe. Brian Neathey, JulieTaylor, and Mike Newton won a game each for the home team.

Yatton Keynell D and Bathford D were involved in a tremendous Division 2 tussle at Yatton, in which seven games went the distance. Surprisingly the final score was 8-2, in favour of the visitors – for whom Mark Davis and Cyril Case both recorded hat-tricks, which were complemented by Tony Parr’s brace. The hosts only had the doubles point and a singles win from Jon Freeman to show for all their effort.

Dennis Townsend took the honours for Batheaston A as they shared the points with Bear Flat B at home; Norman Thomas and Gary Sartain were also on the scoresheet. Trevor Floyd’s pair was best for the away team, for whom Gary Oaten and John Hunter also won games



Premier Division

Bristol Civil Service 3 (D. Busari 1, A. Vankov 1, A. Khan 1) Chippenham A 7 (R. Cary 0, T. Parkins 3, J. Musselwhite 3, Dbls 1)

Bath Invaders A 5 (L. Vowles 2, R. Hall 1, I. Maggs 2) Oldfield C 5 (D. Ashley 0, W. Guibarra 1, S. Anandraj 3, Dbls 1)

Bathford B 0 (R. Bennett 0, L. Kashdan-Brown 0, S. Phillips 0) Yatton Keynell A 10 (J. Smith 3, N. Bird 3, S. Richardson 3, Dbls 1)

Oldfield B 3 (P. Redman 1, N. Dagger 1, J. Stevens 1) Chippenham B 7 (S. Cooper 2, A. Feltham 1, A. Cox 3, Dbls 1)



Division 1

Bitton 7 (M. Moore 2, F. Martin 2, C. Toft 2, Dbls 1) Mayfield 3 (D. Galley 2, N. Woolley 1, R. Morris 0)

Bath Invaders B 6 (P. Jeffery 1, B. Taylor 2, M. Millard 2, Dbls 1) Bear Flat A 4 (P. Green 2, A. Steady 1, P. Gibbs 1)

Chippenham C 4 (A. Perham 2, P. Bevan 0, P. Vincent 2) Oldfield E 6 (D. Rider 3, N. Porter 1, A. Porter 1, Dbls 1)

Bathford C 3 (Ju. Kashdan-Brown 1, R. Gaisford 1, R. Cole 0, Dbls 1) Radstock Wreckers 7 (D. Walker 3, D. Gamlin 1, W. Button 3)

Oldfield D 4 (B. Neathey 1, J. Taylor 1, M. Newton 1, Dbls 1) Ensleigh A 6 (I. Clark 3, D. Hockney 0, P. Zhang 3)



Division 2

Oldfield F 10 (L. Bailey 3, I. Dagger 3, C. Dowding 3, Dbls 1) Ensleigh B 0 (R. Smith 0, D. Turner 0, P. Blomfield 0)

Chippenham D 4 (R. Dulanto 1, M. Entwistle 0, J. Wheeler 3) Batheaston B 6 (R. Cotton 2, C. Sharpe 2, M. Henry 1, Dbls 1)

Batheaston A 5 (D. Townsend 3, N. Thomas 1, G. Sartain 1) Bear Flat B 5 (G. Oaten 1, J. Hunter 1, T. Floyd 2, Dbls 1)

Key Centre B 8 (D. Carter 3, M. Timpson 2, S. Ruse 2, Dbls 1) Batheaston C 2 (G. Avery 0, W. Avery 2)

Yatton Keynell D 2 (J. Freeman 1, B. Sage 0, A. Delaney 0, Dbls 1) Bathford D 8 (M. Davis 3, T. Parr 2, C. Case 3)
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