Chronicle Report 28th Apr 2016

Yatton Keynell B and Ensleigh will contest the Restricted Cup final after winning their semi-finals against Mayfield and Bear Flat A respectively.

Yatton Keynell B were tested by Mayfield, but came through 5-3 winners. Steve Richardson and Mark Terrell both registered braces, with Richard Terrell winning the other game – a narrow but vital success against Reg Morris with the match score standing at 3-2 to Yatton. Dave Galley (2) and Nigel Woolley won Mayfield’s games.

Ensleigh had a slightly easier passage, winning 7-2 against the Second Division runners-up, who had done well to reach the semi-final. Adam Thorne and Ian Clark both carded trebles for the Division One team. Paul Green and Andrew Steady both beat Ping Zhang in reply for Bear Flat.

Mayfield and Yatton Keynell B also contested the semi-final of the Handicap Cup, and once again Yatton were successful – they will play holders Oldfield C in the final. Yatton upped their game to overcome the handicaps and win 5-2 in what was another hard fought tie. Steve Richardson and Mark Terrell again won pairs and Richard Terrell a single game for the victors. Nigel Woolley and Dave Galley won Mayfield’s two games.

In the league, Chippenham A finally confirmed their retention of the Premier Division title with a 9-1 win away to Oldfield C, who now have a much tougher task in their remaining two games if they are to claim the runners-up spot. Gary Baldwin and Jerry Musselwhite both registered maximums for the champions, while Paul Redman beat Terry Parkins to win Oldfield’s single point.

In the First Division, Bath Invaders won both their outstanding fixtures against Bathford B to take the title. They won the away fixture 7-3 and the home fixture 6-4. In the away match Ray Hall and Simon Monks both carded hat-tricks, with Neil Darnley adding the seventh point. In the home match Ray Hall again claimed a treble with Simon Monks winning a pair. Chen Chen and Colin Thomas won games for Bathford at home, with Thomas (2) Jules Truss and Richard Gaisford registering in the return match.  



Restricted Cup

Mayfield 3 (N. Woolley 1, D. Galley 2, R. Morris 0) Yatton Keynell B 5 (S. Richardson 2, R.Terrell 1, M. Terrell 2)

Bear Flat A 2 (P. Green 1, P. Gibbs 0, A. Steady 1) Ensleigh 7 (A. Thorne 3, P. Zhang 1, I. Clark 3)


Handicap Cup

Mayfield 2 (N. Woolley 1, D. Galley 1, R. Morris 0) Yatton Keynell B 5 (R. Terrell 1, S. Richardson 2, M. Terrell 2)


Premier Division

Oldfield C 1 (N. Dagger 0, J. Stevens 0, P. Redman 1) Chippenham A 9 (T. Parkins 2, G. Baldwin 3, J. Musselwhite 3, Dbls 1)


Division One

Bathford B 3 (S. Chen 1, S. Phillips 0, C. Thomas 1, Dbls 1) Bath Invaders 7 (R. Hall 3, S. Monks 3, N. Darnley 1)

Bath Invaders 6 (S. Monks 2, R. Hall 3, P. Jeffery 0, Dbls 1) Bathford B 4 (J. Truss 1, C. Thomas 2, R. Gaisford 1)

Yatton Keynell C 3 (A. Dawes 3, E. Lea 0, M. Wilkins 0) Bathford C 7 (B. Jukes 2, E. Littlejohns 2, L. Kashdan-Brown 2, Dbls 1)


Division Two

Bathford D 7 (J. Kashdan-Brown 2, R. Cole 2, R. Wickham 2, Dbls 1) Chippenham D 3 (J. Wheeler 3, B. Williams 0, M. Entwistle 0)
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