Chronicle Report 23rd Feb 2017

Bath Invaders A moved ahead of Oldfield B into third place in the Premier Division after defeating them 6-4 at St John’s school. Gary Pells led the way for the Invaders with a fine treble, and further points were added by Ray Hall (2) and Simon Monks. Paul Redman (2) and Nigel Dagger won games for the visitors.

Bristol Civil Service did well to return from Keynsham with a 6-4 success against Key Centre A despite travelling with only two players. Brent Pollard was the only home player to win a game as Abid and Isobella Khan clinched the victory with a hat-trick and a brace respectively, before combining to win the doubles.

In Division 1 Bitton closed in on second placed Bath Invaders B who they beat 8-2 away. Chris Toft starred with a maximum for Bitton, and Martin Moore and Alan Papier both carded pairs. Paul Jeffery and Haydn White shared the Invaders’ two points.

Radstock Wreckers picked up another useful home win, beating Ensleigh A 7-3 at Radstock Working Men’s Club. Wayne Button took the honours with a treble for the Wreckers, for whom Paul Crocker (2) and Dave Gamlin also contributed. Ensleigh’s points were earned by Ian Clark (2) and Ping Zhang.

Key Centre B lost ground in the Division 2 title race after going down 6-4 to Oldfield F who are now not far behind them in third place. Colin Dowding and Lee Bailey both won maximums for the victors whilst Chris Chapman, Dave Carter, and Mark Tanner won a game each for the hosts.

Lowly Batheaston C recorded a rare win, beating Bear Flat A 7-3 at home. James Smith-Daye produced a man of the match performance for the hosts and his hat-trick was supplemented by further wins from William (2) and Glen Avery. Gary Oaten (2) and John Hunter responded for the away team.      



Premier Division

Key Centre A 8 (M. Le Butt 3, G. Harbour 2, B. Pollard 2, Dbls 1) Oldfield A 2 (M. Woodcock 0, A. Champneys 2)

Oldfield A 3 (D. Bartlett 1, P. Drage 0, A. Champneys 2) Chippenham B 7 (N. Branch 1, A. Cox 3, S. Cooper 2, Dbls 1)

Bath Invaders A 6 (G. Pells 3, S. Monks 1, R. Hall 2) Oldfield B 4 (P. Redman 2, J. Stevens 0, N. Dagger 1, Dbls 1)

Key Centre A 4 (B. Pollard 2, G. Harbour 1, K. Milsom 1) Bristol Civil Service 6 (I. Khan 2, A. Khan 3, Dbls 1)

Oldfield C 1 (D. Coombe 0, M. George 0, Dbls 1) Bathford A 9 (T. Earley 3, B. Dearling 3, A. Bolhuis 3)

Yatton Keynell A 1 (S. Richardson 1, K. Holland 0, S. Eagles 0) Chippenham A 9 (T. Parkins 3, G. Baldwin 3, J. Clifford 2, Dbls 1)



Division 1

Bath Invaders B 2 (P. Jeffery 1, B. Taylor 0, H. White 1) Bitton 8 (C. Toft 3, M. Moore 2, A. Papier 2, Dbls 1)

Radstock Wreckers 7 (D. Gamlin 1, P. Crocker 2, W. Button 3, Dbls 1) Ensleigh A 3 (I. Clark 2, M. Clare 0, P. Zhang 1)

Oldfield E 9 (D. Rider 3, A. Porter 3, J. Wyles 2, Dbls 1) Mayfield 1 (N. Woolley 0, D. Galley 1, R. Morris 0)



Division 2

Batheaston C 7 (W. Avery 2, J. Smith-Daye 3, G. Avery 1, Dbls 1) Bear Flat B 3 (G. Oaten 2, J. Hunter 1, D. Naismith 0)

Key Centre B 4 (C. Chapman 1, D. Carter 1, M. Tanner 1, Dbls 1) Oldfield F 6 (I. Dagger 0, C. Dowding 3, L. Bailey 3)  

Batheaston B 2 (R. Cotton 2, C. Sharpe 0, M. Henry 0) Bathford D 8 (M. Davis 3, T. Parr 2, J. Holding 2, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell C 10 (M. Wilkins 3, B. Portlock 3, E. Lea 3, Dbls 1) Ensleigh B 0 (M. Upward 0, P. Blomfield 0, R. Smith 0)
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