Chronicle Report 18th Jan 2018

In the second round of the team cup competitions the only tie played in the top flight KO Cup saw Bathford B ease to an 8-1 victory away to Radstock A, whose single success was Derek Landricombe’s win against Ray Bennett. Josh Kashdan-Brown and Steve Husbands were undefeated for the visitors.

In the Restricted Cup the tie of the round saw First division Key Centre B pip Second division Bathford D 5-4 at Keynsham despite Russell Cole’s maximum for the away team. Unfortunately for Bathford they could only muster a further single from Julian Kashdan-Brown as Mark Tanner (2) Matt Timpson (2) and Sue Ruse put the hosts through to round three.

The Key Centre A team could only field two players for their home tie against Bath Invaders B and paid the price as they were thumped 7-1, with Andy Boucher and Steve Doidge both carding maximums for the victors. Brent Pollard beat Simon Monks to prevent the white-wash.

Second division Oldfield F were no match for last season’s winners Chippenham C, who romped to a 9-0 win at Monkton Combe. Brenda Baldwin, John Clifford, and Paul Vincent were the holders’ undefeated trio.

In the Handicap Cup Yatton Keynell D progressed after defeating Ensleigh B 6-3 away in an all Second division tie. Jon Freeman led the way for Yatton with a treble, whilst Edward Lea (2) and Ben Sage also chipped in. Nigel Pedley (2) and Richard Smith replied for Ensleigh.

Olly Newton was the man of the match with a hat-trick as First division Ensleigh A overcame Second division Bathford E at home. Ping Zhang (2) and David Hockney were also on the mark for the home team, while Mark Davis (2) and Evan Holding claimed wins for the visitors.



KO Cup

Radstock A 1 (D. Landricombe 1, K. Millard 0) Bathford B 8 (Josh Kashdan-Brown 3, S. Husbands 3, R. Bennett 2)



Restricted Cup

Key Centre B 5 (M. Tanner 2, M. Timpson 2, S. Ruse 1) Bathford D 4 (R. Cole 3, Ju. Kashdan-Brown 1, R. Wickham 0)

Chippenham E 2 (M. Entwistle 0, G. Young 1, S. Rodda 1) Ensleigh B 7 (B. Rouse 1, R. Smith 3, B. Rouse 3)

Key Centre A 1 (B. Pollard 1, P. Galea 0) Bath Invaders B 7 (A. Boucher 3, S. Doidge 3, S. Monks 1)

Mayfield 1 (D. Galley 1, R. Morris 0, S. Tanner 0) Yatton Keynell B 5 (A. Dawes 2, A. Purkiss 2, R. Terrell 1)

Oldfield F 0 (P. Harris 0, L. Bailey 0, I. Dagger 0) Chippenham C 9 (B. Baldwin 3, J. Clifford 3, P. Vincent 3)

Oldfield E 2 (J. Taylor 0, M. Newton 2) Ensleigh A 7 (P. Zhang 3, I. Clark 2, D. Hockney 2)



Handicap Cup

Bathford D 6 (Ju Kashdan-Brown 2, C. Levitt 1, R. Cole 3) Batheaston B 3 (M. Henry 0, P. Gentle 1, C. Sharpe 2)

Ensleigh B 3 (N. Pedley 2, B. Rouse 0, R. Smith 1) Yatton Keynell D 6 (E. Lea 2, J. Freeman 3, B. Sage 1)

Yatton Keynell C 2 (M. Wilkins 0, J. Flynn 1, T. Payne 1) Bath Invaders A 6 (B. Taylor 1, R. Hall 2, A. Boucher 3)

Batheaston A 3 (D. Townsend 2, P. Smith 1, R. Cotton 0) Oldfield E 6 (G. Burridge 2, M. Newton 2, J. Taylor 2)

Bathford B 1 (S. Husbands 1, L. Kashdan-Brown 0, Josh Kashdan-Brown 0) Oldfield F 6 (P. Harris 2, I. Dagger 2, L. Bailey 2)

Ensleigh A 6 (D. Hockney 1, O. Newton 3, P. Zhang 2) Bathford E 3 (E. Holding 1, M. Davis 2, T. Parr 0)
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