Chronicle Report 3rd May 2018

Two of the three Bath and District Table Tennis Association’s team cup competitions will see a repeat of last seasons finals. In the KO Cup Chippenham B will again face Bath Invaders A, while Chippenham C will meet Yatton Keynell B in the Restricted Cup final. However, some different teams will contest the Handicap Cup final, as Bath Invaders B will line up against Ensleigh A in an all Division 1 affair.

Bath Invaders A were pushed all the way by Oldfield C in their KO Cup semi-final, but got the better of a 5-4 score-line thanks to a Bhargav Chandra treble and a double from Len Vowles. Sasi Anandraj registered a brace in reply, with Nick Branch and Bill Guibarra winning one apiece.

Chippenham B’s 5-2 win against Bathford B in the other semi was highlighted by a maximum from Alex Kearney and cemented by a win each from Andy Cox and Scott Cooper. Brothers Josh and Leon Kashdan-Brown won a game apiece for Bathford.

A man of the match performance from Paul Green was to no avail as Bear Flat A bowed out 5-4 to Chippenham C in the Restricted Cup. Unfortunately Flat could only add a single from Andy Steady to Green’s hat-trick, as pairs from John Clifford and Brenda Baldwin, plus a single from Andy Perham were enough to see Chippenham through to the final.

Yatton Keynell B’s Adam Dawes starred with a treble as they beat Ensleigh A 5-3 to reach the final again. Richard Terrell and Andy Purkiss were also on the mark for the victors, whilst Ian Clark (2) and Ollie Newton replied for Ensleigh.

Ensleigh A had more joy in the Handicap Cup, however, reaching the final with a 6-3 victory over Bear Flat A. Ollie Newton took the honours for the winners with a maximum, while Ping Zhang (2) and Ian Clark were also on the scoresheet. Paul Green (2) and Pete Gibbs responded for Flat.

Oldfield F were not helped by a player suffering from illness as they fell to a 5-1 defeat to Bath Invaders B in the other semi. Martyn Millard and Simon Monks both carded braces, and Paul Jeffery a single, for the victors, while Lee Bailey picked up the single win for Oldfield.



KO Cup

Chippenham B 5 (A. Cox 1, A. Kearney 3, S. Cooper 1) Bathford B 2 (S. Husbands 0, Josh Kashdan-Brown 1, L. Kashdan-Brown 1)

Bath Invaders A 5 (L. Vowles 2, J. Elsbury 0, B. U. Chandra 3) Oldfield C 4 (N. Branch 1, W. Guibarra 1, S. Anandraj 2)




Restricted Cup

Chippenham C 5 (A. Perham 1, J. Clifford 2, B. Baldwin 2) Bear Flat A 4 (P. Gibbs 0, A. Steady 1, P. Green 3)

Yatton Keynell B 5 (R. Terrell 1, A. Purkiss 1, A. Dawes 3) Ensleigh A 3 (I. Clark 2, P. Zhang 0, O. Newton 1)



Handicap Cup

Bath Invaders B 5 (M. Millard 2, S. Monks 2, P. Jeffery 1) Oldfield F 1 (L. Bailey 1, P. Harris 0, C. Dowding 0)

Bear Flat A 6 (P. Green 2, J. Johnstone 0, P. Gibbs 1) Ensleigh A 5 (I. Clark 1, P. Zhang 2, O. Newton 3)



Premier Division

Bitton 20 (A. Papier 6, F. Martin 6, M. Moore 6, Dbls 2) Oldfield D 12 (A. Pearson 9, A. Porter 0, Dbls 3)

Bathford B 17 (S. Husbands 4, L. Kashdan-Brown 3, Josh Kashdan-Brown 7, Dbls 3) Chippenham B 18 (S. Cooper 7, A. Feltham 2, A. Cox 9, Dbls 0)

Oldfield D 21 (C. Joyce 7, A. Pearson 9, J. Wyles 2, Dbls 3) Bath Invaders A 15 (L. Vowles 3, I. Maggs 6, J. Elsbury 4, Dbls 2)

Yatton Keynell A 16 (S. Eagles 3, S. Richardson 6, K. Holland 5, Dbls 2) Oldfield B 26 (N. Dagger 9, J. Stevens 5, P. Redman 9, Dbls 3)

Oldfield C 19 (W. Guibarra 9, M. George 7, Dbls 3) Oldfield D 17 (A. Porter 3, J. Wyles 7, S. Andrews 7, Dbls 0)

Oldfield A 28 (C. Davis 9, D. Bartlett 7, A. Champneys 9, Dbls 3) Radstock A 7 (C. Bennett 1, D. Barmby 2, P. Ware 3, Dbls 1)


Division 1

Yatton Keynell B 21 (R. Terrell 8, A. Dawes 8, J. Dukes 5, Dbls 0) Mayfield 16 (D. Galley 6, N. Woolley 7, R. Morris 0, Dbls 3)

Bathford C 18 (W. Avery 9, G. Avery 0, C. Thomas 6, Dbls 3) Bear Flat A 19 (P. Gibbs 7, A. Steady 3, P. Green 7, Dbls 2)

Ensleigh A 18 (D. Hockney 3, O. Newton 9, P. Zhang 5, Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell B 21 (R. Terrell 4, A. Purkiss 6, J. Dukes 8, Dbls 3)


Division 2

Chippenham E 14 (S. Rodda 4, S. Tandy 0, G. Young 7, Dbls 3) Bear flat C 22 (J. Turner 8, J. Hunter 9, L. Bowskill 4, Dbls 1)

Ensleigh B 22 (G. Flinders 9, N. Pedley 9, R. Smith 1, Dbls 3) Oldfield F 19 (I. Dagger 6, P. Harris 7, L. Bailey 5, Dbls 1)
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