Chronicle Report 10th May 2018

Bath Invaders A were indebted to Bhargav Chandra as they captured the KO Cup for the first time in a closely contested final at St John’s school. Chandra carded a fine treble as the Invaders triumphed over Chippenham B 5-4, with Dave Busari and Ian Maggs winning one each to seal the victory. Alex Kearney claimed a brace and, Andy Cox and Scott Cooper, a win apiece for Chippenham who lost out in the final game of the contest.

Chippenham C provided some consolation for their club-mates as they beat Yatton Keynell B 7-2 to retain the Restricted Cup. Andy Purkiss beat Paul Vincent and Brenda Baldwin for Yatton’s two wins, but John Clifford registered a maximum for the winners, to add to the pairs from Vincent and Baldwin.

Ensleigh A took the Handicap Cup after coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win 6-3 against Bath Invaders B. Paul Jeffery, Martyn Millard, and Simon Monks won one each to put Invaders three up and in a strong position, but Ensleigh came storming back with Ian Clark, Ping Zhang, and Olly Newton all winning twice to shock the Division One champions.



KO Cup Final

Chippenham B 4 (A. Cox 1, S. Cooper 1, A. Kearney 2) Bath Invaders A 5 (D. Busari 1, I. Maggs 1, B. U. Chandra 3)



Restricted Cup Final

Chippenham C 7 (J. Clifford 3, P. Vincent 2, B. Baldwin 2) Yatton Keynell B 2 (J. Dukes 0, A. Dawes 0, A. Purkiss 2)



Handicap Cup Final

Bath Invaders B 3 (P. Jeffery 1, M. Millard 1, S. Monks 1) Ensleigh A 6 (I. Clark 2, P. Zhang 2, O. Newton 2)



Premier Division

Oldfield A 24 (C. Davis 8, M. Le Butt 4, M. Ramakrishna 9, Dbls 3) Bathford A 17 (P. Marshall 6, A. Bolhuis 5, B. Dearling 4, Dbls 2)

Bathford A 27 (A. Bolhuis 6, N. Bell 9, B. Dearling 9, Dbls 3) Bitton 5 (A. Papier 3, M. Moore 1, F. Martin 1, Dbls 0)

Radstock A 17 (K. Millard 3, D. Landricombe 6, P. Ware 6, Dbls 2) Oldfield B 21 (M. Le Butt 6, P. Redman 9, J. Stevens 3, Dbls 3)
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