Round 1 - week commencing 26th November 2018
Bedford CTTC D BeatSouthill F 123
Phoenix B BeatBedford CTTC E 5
Elstow E BeatPhoenix D 60
St Neots C Lost ToElstow A 45
Marston Lost ToRevolution D 26
Southill D BeatRevolution H 75
Elstow F Lost ToSouthill E 44
Revolution A Lost To Bedford CTTC B 2
Revolution I Beat Stevington B w/o
Elstow B Lost To Revolution G 1
Phoenix A Lost ToRevolution C w/o
Phoenix C BeatBedford CTTC A w/o
Revolution F Beat Stevington A 68
Southill C Lost ToKempston BB A 10
Bedford CTTC C Lost ToRevolution E 25
Revolution B BeatPhoenix E 32

w/o = walkover

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