Table Tennis Restart

Return to Table Tennis @ Bexhill Youth and Community Centre


We are now in the process of getting ready for Table Tennis to start with limited practice opportunities on Saturday 25th July 2020. 


Due to the nature of the work that is undertaken at Bexhill Youth and Community Centre during the week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Table Tennis sessions will not take place.


But to compensate we will be able to offer Covid secure sessions on a Friday evening and during the day on Saturdays


We will be following guidance and risk assessments provided by Table Tennis England and this information is available on Table Tennis England’s website.


We will be able to set up and safely use 3 tables following all social distancing guidance, and will be following stringent cleaning between each hours booked use.


We will need to take the following details to confirm your booking 


Your name, contact phone number and email address.  This information will be kept in accordance to GDPR policy.  The information will be used for booking purposes and also in the case of being required for track and trace through the coronavirus pandemic. And to inform you of any disruption that may take place.


We will be unable to take cash, and payments will be either taken by card payment or bank transfer, there will be no refreshment facilities and each player will need to bring their own water with them.


You will need to keep your towels and water bottle in your bag unless using. You will also need to bring your own hand sanitiser gel and use between games.  


The hall will be set up with three playing tables and there will be two ways that you can arrange yourselves.


Option 1


You can book a table for a bubble of two/three people for 1 - 2 hours practice 


Option 2 


You can book 2 tables for a bubble of up to six people for 1 - 2 hours practice 


The cost per table per hour is £6.00


Only Singles games will be played, unless both pairs for a doubles game are from the same household


The contact details will need to be provided for all members in the bubble.


Before playing ensure that you have familiarised yourselves with the playing guidance which will be up in each playing area, please do not wipe the tables with your hand, spit, breath on the ball or shake hands


You will be able to book slots for Saturday 25th July - Saturday 29th August at the present time, as we will need to evaluate and follow the guidance to then be able to plan for September onwards. Fridays will be in hourly slots from 18:30 - 22:00 and Saturdays 09:00 - 18:00 with the option to release more space into Saturday evening.  Timings will be made to allow for cleaning between groups and time slots.  You should ensure that you arrive no earlier than your start time as entry will not be permitted.


Bookings will be open from receipt of this information to Bexhillians Table Tennis club and the centres Wednesday group  and then will be open to other clubs/players from 9am Wednesday 23rd July 


To book your table please call 01424 215455 or email with your preferred time.   If booking by phone there is a answerphone if the call is not taken and a return phone call will be made to confirm, if by email please indicate a couple of preferred times and the time your allocated will be confirmed by return email.


There will be a one way system in place and upon arrival you should use the Station Road entrance using the ramp with metal railings and then follow the social distancing markers if needing to wait. then on entering the centre continue to follow signed instructions, please do not use the path from the car park as this forms part of the one way system.

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