Club Competition 24-06-21

The Team Competition has new leaders in a reshuffle which may decide the eventual winners. A player shortage led to mid-table Ball Bashers calling on the services of serial Hastings Champion Paul Barry for their clash with leaders Rose & Two Thorns. Barry celebrated Fathers’ Day by linking up with son Ryan Heselden and the dynamic duo were both unbeaten in a 7-2 win for the Bashers. Kevin McEwan blocked the losers from a crucial bonus point with a win over Sheila King and lost 12-14 in the third to Rose Rainton. Rose & Two Thorns drop to third place as a result while Ball Bashers are a point behind and only two points off the lead.

New leaders are Winter Mixtures who notched the first 9-0 in the competition against bottom side Bats Atoxic with Graham Primett, Pam Winter and David Laing unbeaten. The ultra-defensive Laing, on his competition debut, was taken the distance by Ed Lawrie and Peter Saunders.

The Mixtures lead TT Allstarz on goal difference, by a margin of one set, after Allstarz beat Going Down 7-2.  Arthur Bracken and James Gorridge both won three for Allstarz despite good resistance from John Ellis.

Slovakquickdust also experienced team changes with No. 1 Martin Kapusta currently in Slovakia. They still managed to take Ivory Rose to the wire before going down 4-5 in the closest match of the week.  Graham Gillett’s maximum was key for Ivory Rose but he was taken to 11-9 in the decider by John Wilson who won two for the Slovaks , as did John Bradbury.

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