Club Competition 08-07-21

TT Allstarz held on to their lead in the club competition with a 5-4 defeat of Ivory Rose, despite a maximum from Graham Gillett for the losers. Two wins each for Arthur Bracken and James Gorridge were key for Allstarz after Bracken had led 1-0 against Gillett in the opener before gaining only six points in the next two games. The match hinged on Gorridge’s meeting with Alan McCleave which went to the Allstarz 11-7 in the decider.

Rose &Two Thorns kept up the pressure as a 7-2 win over Bats Atoxic kept them one point adrift. Rose Rainton and Tony Catt were unbeaten with Kim Shearer preventing a bonus point for Toxics with a win over Ed Lawrie.

Ball Bashers were without Paul Barry and went down 4-5 to Going Down, mainly due to a splendid maximum from Sue Pingram for the downwardly mobiles which featured some ferocious hitting. Ryan Heselden and Kevin McEwan won two apiece for the Bashers.

Meanwhile, on the adjacent table, another 5-4, another Pingram maximum!  In this case it was Roger Pingram whose three wins for Slovakquickdust put a dent in the title aspirations of Winter Mixtures. Two wins each for Graham Primett and Pam Winter kept the Mixtures in the match with Winter’s two wins both coming at deuce in the third before losing 10-12, 11-13 to Pingram.

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