League Week 10

Sarra Wang from the Colebridge club, is representing the England U21 side in the team event at the current English Open. The Birmingham University student is arguably the most talented woman to play in the Birmingham League since the legendary Ann Jones, who apart from winning a Wimbledon title was also a world finalist at table tennis.  She was in fine form before the international event when beating former Birmingham and Warwickshire champion Radek Mylnarczyk, as Colebridge Aces beat Hamstead B 6-4 in the Premier Division.  Teammate Amann Ubhi was also unbeaten.  Hamstead A are proving unstoppable at the top of the table and recorded a 9-1 scoreline against Smiths Wood B.with Andy Dixon and Steve and Lester Bertie untroubled.  Beaufort Sports B won 7-3 at Streetly A, whilst a Michael Browne hat-trick helped Smiths Wood A to a comfortable 7-3 success over their C side.  Jon Ludlow, Andy Jackson and Phil Burwell were all unbeaten for Beaufort Sports A in a 10-0 thrashing of Smithereens A.

John Ludford starred for Sutton Coldfield C as they drew 5-5 in Division One with Maypole A.  Hamstead C held league leaders Sutton Coldfield A to a drew, while the talented Kate Hughes led Colebridge Braves to a 7-3 home success over Streetly B.  Mike Cooper moved up a section to represent Sutton Coldfield B in their clash with Bournville A and he responded with a maximum in yet another 5-5 result.  Paul Ducros, Dave Ameghino and Dean Opbroek of West Midlands Police A swept away Sandwell Unison in a 10-0 mauling.

Dave Smye recorded another hat-trick for Smiths Wood D in Division Two as they clipped the wings of Colebridge Hawks by a 6-4 margin.  Tony Stewart inspired Beaufort Sports C to a 6-4 victory at Sutton Colebridge D.  Dave Whittingslow did likewise for Smithereens B, as they achieved the double over Colebridge Giants, with a 6-4 score.  Colebridge Falcons stay in promotion contention follwing a 6-4 triumph over Colebridge Chiefs, with the feisty Dean Hicks in maximum form.  Mark Georgevic kept up his fine form for leaders Colebridge Dinosaurs with an unbeaten performance in the 6-4 home win over Quinborne A.

Author: via Birmingham & District Table Tennis Association
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