League Week 9

Jack Styring was unbeaten for Smiths Wood B in their 7-3 win at Smithereens A, in the Premier Division.  The youngster is reaping the rewards of being fast tracked into Smiths British League side by coach Simon Upson.  Jon Ludlow and Jack Williamson were both maximum men ifor Beaufort Sports A in their 8-2 hammering of Streetly A.  Hamstead B swept ao a 10-0 success over Smiths Wood C.

Bournville A edged strugglers Sandwell Unison 6-4 in Division One.  Colebridge Braves just got the better of Sutton C by a 6-4 margin, thanks to a fine team effort from Rajinder Davsi, Kate Hughes and Amit Ubhi.  Clive Stretton showed the best of his whirlwind attacking skills for Sutton Coldfield B in their 5-5 draw against Maypole A.

Harry Sideras produced a masterclass maximum in Division Two for Beaufort Sports C in a 7-3 home win over Quinborne A.
Leaders Colebridge Dinosaurs stay at the top following their 7-3 victory over clubmates Colebridge Chiefs, despite an impressive hat-trick by Mahroof Hussain.  Dave Smye proved unstoppable for Smiths Wood D as they toppled Colebridge Giants 6-4.

Sutton Coldfield E relied heavily on an Andy Nicol hat-trick in their 6-4 win over Maypole B in Division Three.  Walmley A pipped Sutton Coldfield F 6-4, with both Alan White and Derek Ellis winning two singles each.

Quinborne B thumped Sutton Coldfield H 10-0 in Division Four.  Colebridge Magpies stole a 6-4 victory at Walmley B, with Kevin Bray including a 13-11 in the fifth success over Maurice Clayton in his treble. Hat-tricks fro,

Hat-tricks from Ron Kite and Tony Wilson kept up Beaufort Sports D's challenge with a 7-3 victory over Maypole C.  A hard fought treble by Dave Tart, winning each of his three in five helped Streetly D to an 8-2 success over Hamstead E.  Colebridge Nobles drew with F.Jacombs B thanks to a maximum from Luke Taylor.  A brace from Derek Palser for Ivy Leaf B was not enough to stop Smiths Wood Bribar E from taking a 7-3 victory, courtest of a hat-trick by Courtney Kerr.

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