Summer week 7

The current standings for correct result sheets sent to me are as follows :-


Division 1    66%

Division 2    75%

Division 3    53%

Amazingly this is actually an improvement on the winter season just gone.  However I am sure that you will all agree that this is still a very poor state of affairs.  In the coming Winter season you will not be so leniently dealt with.  It appears that point deductions are the only answer.  Please help me to keep your website up to date by sending me correctly filled in scoresheets.  Some of you don't even know your team names.  A, B,C etc after your clubname are their for a reason, please use them.  Match numbers are the scheduled fixtures as per handbook and not the order that you played them in.  PLEASE strive to get them right.  Thank You.

Author: via Birmingham & District Table Tennis Association
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