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A Tribute to Malcolm Penney

Malcolm Penney, one of the longest serving members of the Blackmore Vale Table tennis League, passed away on the 7th December 2017 following a long and very brave fight with his illness.

Malcolm’s outstanding record as a member of the League committee reads as follows:

Match and Press Secretary            1984 – 2009

Vice Chairman                                  2006 – 2008

Chairman                                           2008 – 2015

Vice President                                   2008 – 2017

President                                           2017

Malcolm’s dedication to the League was without parallel and this is aptly demonstrated by when undertaking the position of Match and Press Secretary a role which he carried out for over 25 years combining great diligence, a mastery of the technicalities of arranging fixture lists, recording scores, producing league tables, player averages and writing reports to various newspapers.

He was also very diplomatic and the League was grateful to him as he took over as Chairman for a few years at a time when the future of table tennis within the area was looking doubtful. With his gentle guidance the League has survived and will continue to do so because of the legacy of his leadership.

Malcolm wasn’t just good at each of the roles he undertook, he was always very approachable, a genuinely nice man to talk to and a tricky player at the other end of the table as well.

Not only was he dedicated to the League, he also ran the Chalke Valley Table Tennis Club encouraging and coaching many players young and old to participate in the game of table tennis. Not content with his involvement in one league, Malcolm also devoted a lot of his time to the Salisbury Table Tennis League where he was also an active member of their league committee.

Always a gentleman, Malcolm will be missed by us all.

On behalf of the Blackmore Vale Committee





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