Max Brooks

By Tim Vaughan of Nomads B


In the first division match, table tennis league, between nomads, B and Heaton A, a Bolton league player, Max Brooks, won his three matches, as a promoted player, to the higher division, in a local league match. Tim Vaughan, playing for the opposition, said, “For his standard, skill, and character he impressed us. The high praise, from senior players should be noted as sport excellence in acclaiming this young player.”

In recognition of his playing performance, beating Tim Vaughan, John Oberra and John Cartledge, (he did not receive 'man of the match'), but I would like the league, to give him a formal accolade and commendation of a merit certificate, and/or a commendation trophy at the end of the season.

All previous generations were left standing, as Max Brooks, in a tradition of  status of a new wave of players, was seen  by members to revere and remember, when they were given applause and acknowledgement.  It was a brilliant performance of which the league should officially take note, including his skill and all round character. I therefore recommend that he is awarded by the Bolton league, for outstanding performance. He was revered by the table tennis players for his talent, and showed notable achievement.  I hope the league, commends this person, for his performance and urge the league, give him free coaching from a coach.  He is maturing well. The accolade, should be part of his CV, for a fine display in the Bolton league.  Well done Max.

Bolton table tennis league 2015/16

Note by R Caswell: Max was awarded the Ralph Parmer award last year as the most promising junior of the season. This season's prizes are awarded at the start of April.

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