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Last week teams took a week out from league matches to take part in the quarter finals of the cup competitions. As is the unpredictability of cup draw dates and venue availability some results are not in as rearrangements are necessary.

In the Warburton Cup for all divisions Ramsbottom Town B made full use of their 79.5 start to overcome Coburg A 422.5 – 345. They will now be at home to Farnworth SC C who played Irlam Steel. Irlam had a 72.5 start but were unable to capitalise losing out to Farnworth SC C 365 – 312.5. Farnworth SC B had to contend with an inadvertently double booked room and so conceded the match to St Paul’s Peel who should next be away to either Nomads B or Farnworth SC A.

In the Brian Gittins Cup for the Premier and Division One teams Little Lever A triumphed over Meadow Ben A 397 – 372.5 despite a 156.5 start to Meadow Ben. They will next be at home to the winners of Wharton and Little Lever B. Farnworth SC A were given a walk over into the next round by BRASS A. They will next be away to the winners of Ramsbottom Town A or Ramsbottom Cricket Club.

In the George Yates Trophy for Divisions Two and Three, Meadow Ben C made full use of their 44.5 start to run out winners over St. Paul’s Peel 378 – 340.5. They will next be at home to either Hilton F or Top Spinners. There was a very close result between BRASS B and Farnworth SC B. Farnworth had a 65.5 start but BRASS just managed to tip the balance in their favour winning 346 – 343.5. They will next be away to Ladybridge B who managed to overcome the 93.5 start of Farnworth SC C winning 378 – 340.5.

In the Ron Hindle Trophy for Division Four only, teams are already at the semi-final stage and not due to be played until March 6th onwards However, Juniors Hilton I have played their match in advance and won against Ladybridge C 360 – 328.5 overcoming the Ladybridge start of 72.5.

There is no specific week set aside this year for the semi-finals. Those teams involved will have to arrange mutually convenient dates from Match 6th onwards to try and fit in with the home team’s room availability. Reversing the fixture is an alternative where the home venue is not available. The matches need to be played before the 5th and 6th April to allow the finals to take place.

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