Bolton News 22 March
Last week in the Premier Division top team Ramsbottom Cricket Club took on second placed Flixton Cricket Club A winning 25 – 8 with maximum nines from Amirul Hussain and Kyan Chin. Third placed Ramsbottom Town A met next to the bottom Heaton Cricket Club A and won 27 – 7 with all players on top form. Fourth placed Hilton A had a close win over Little Lever Cricket Club A 21 – 17 thanks to nine points from Andrew Michnowiec. In fact little has changed in the relative positions of the top four since things took shape last November. A mid table clash between Radcliffe Cricket Club and Wharton two places below, had Radcliffe win out 27 – 7 with all players on top points. Mid-table Nomads A cruised to victory over bottom team Coburg A 26 – 3 with nines from Fred Turban and Arek Wojciak. Mid-table Flixton Cricket Club B had a 25 – 7 win over tenth placed Ladybridge A with nines from Jordon Potts and Tony Vaughan.

Remarkably the top four teams in Division One are also in the same relative positions as last November. Top team Burning Desire who cannot be caught took on fourth placed Hilton B winning 25 – 6 with nines from Dennis Collier and Brett Haslam. Second placed Acre Bottom also had their expected win over just below mid-table Farnworth SC A 23 – 7 with a nine from John Hope. Third placed Nomads B beat tenth placed Little Lever Cricket Club B 23 – 12 with a maximum nine from Keith Dale. Mid-table Ramsbottom Town B overcame bottom team Meadow Ben A 24 – 10 with nines from Keith Howarth and David Kay. Fifth placed Coburg B beat sixth placed BRASS TTC A 18 – 14. Mid-table Wingates took on second from the bottom Hilton C winning 17 – 15 thanks to a nine from Alan Bradbury.

In Division Two the top three are the same as last November. Top team Hilton D look out right winners as they beat mid-table BRASS B 23 – 10 with a nine from Stuart McCaig. Third placed Meadow Ben B lost 19 – 12 to Hilton E just below them assisted by a nine from Gary Hilton. Mid-table Ladybridge B beat second from the bottom Boyzone 21 – 11 thanks to a nine from John Birchall. Mid-table Hilton F beat a two-man Top Spinners 27 – 2 who have been bottom of the table throughout.

In Division Three we only have results for two mid-table clashes. Third placed Farnworth SC B just beat Polonia Club just below them 20 – 18 helped by a nine from Bernd Dumpelnik and Meadow Ben C beat Hilton G 19 – 14 with a nine from Ian Wheeldon.

Top of Division Four saw juniors Hilton I take on their third placed H team winning out 21 – 9 with a nine from top of the averages Steven Gao. Second placed Meadow Hill A could only manage a tie 16 – 16 against a two-man Irlam Steel SC. Second in the averages David Yates provided a maximum nine for Irlam. The top two meet in a decisive clash this week. Second from the bottom Ladybridge C had an unexpected win over mid-table Meadow Ben D 22 – 17 despite a resisting nine from Alan Weall. A two-man bottom team Meadow Hill B lost out 27- 7 to Albany two places above them. My club’s Meadow Hill B have supported the rest of the league from the bottom throughout over the last three years. This just goes to show that you don’t have to win to enjoy your table tennis.

This week sees the final league matches taking place. However, judging by the stability of the tables over the season, perhaps we won’t see too many surprises.
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