Bolton News 21 February

Last week in the Premier Division of the Bolton Table Tennis League top team Glodwick were gifted a match by Ladybridge A whose players were away with work commitments. They receive a score based on their average wins making it 24 – 0 to Glodwick. Second placed Ramsbottom Town A met fifth placed Radcliffe Cricket Club and won 24 – 11 assisted by a nine from Richard Lightowler. Third placed Flixton Cricket Club A had their win over Little Lever Cricket Club A 24 – 13 with nines from Philip Bowen and Jake Shaw. Fourth placed Ramsbottom Town B took care of second from the bottom Wharton 16 – 13 helped by a nine from Ryan Choong. Bottom of the table Burning Desire had a somewhat surprise win over Nomads who are three places above them taking it 23 – 12 helped by a nine from Dennis Collier. In a mid-table clash, Hilton A just pipped Flixton Cricket Club B 22 – 18 assisted by a nine form Andrew Michnowiec.

In Division One top of the table Ramsbottom Town C took Wingates to task with a 26 – 10 win with nines from Martin Holt and Tommy Ryan. Now moving into second place Hilton B had a win over Meadow Ben A 23 – 13 with a nine from John Davies. Slipping into third place, Coburg only just pipped fourth placed Hilton D 15 – 14. Bottom Team Hilton E met Farnworth SC A, one place above them. Farnworth took it 20 – 12 with the expected nine from John Hutchinson. Mid-table clashes saw Ramsbottom Town D just oust Heaton Cricket Club A 17 – 13 despite a resisting nine from David Hall. Little Lever B just beat Hilton C 18 – 16 despite Hilton’s Andy Morey getting nine.

Way ahead in Division Two Bolton TTC A continue their promotion campaign with a 26 – 10 win over Brass Zone helped by nines from Sam Greenhalgh and Steven Gao. Now virtually established in second place Polonia Club A with all players on nine, took out second from the bottom Farnworth SC C 27 – 7. Third placed Meadow Ben B only just beat Top Spinners 17 – 15 despite a resisting nine from Gary Hilton. Having been in second place for most of the season, now dropping to fourth place, St. Pauls Peel were unable to field a team due to injury and holidays giving the match to Bolton TTC B 17 – 0 based on their season’s average score. Bottom Team Meadow Ben C lost out to Farnworth SC B two places above them 18 – 15 with nines from Martyn Garnett and Jimmy Tunn.

Unbeaten Walkden Methodists in Division Three marched on with a 20 – 12 win over mid-table Ladybridge C helped by a nine from Carl Bennett. Now back in second place, juniors Hilton H outplayed second from the bottom Farnworth SC D 25 – 6 with nines from Nathan Donaldson and Nabeel Malji. Joint third, Hilton F lost out 19 – 14 to Albany despite a resisting nine from Jeff Saunders. Also joint third Meadow Hill A also lost out to Polonia Club B 22 – 14 with a nine from Polonia’s Nicolai Jitek. A mid-table clash had Hilton G beating Meadow Ben D 19 – 13 assisted by a nine from Martin Rolling. Irlam Steel had requested to play their match against bottom of the table Meadow Hill B two weeks earlier. However, on the night due to a sick relative, they were only able to field one player, Matt Hood. He won nine, but Meadow Hill were effectively given the match 18 – 9.

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