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It rarely happens with an indoor sport, but last week Bolton Table Tennis League suffered the effects of the weather with some away teams in a difficult position in having all players travel to the away fixture. Since within the rules this is one rare instance when a match can be postponed beyond the fixture week, some matches have had to be deferred to a later date, but should be played before the end of Cup Semi-finals week at the latest.

In the Premier Division, the match of the week would be the meeting of the two top teams in the division, Glodwick versus Ramsbottom Town A. Glodwick extended their lead with a 24 – 11 win with nines from Meng Cheng and Sean Doherty. Other big guns were out of action with the weather. In mid-table matches, Warton played Hilton A a few places above them but succeeded winning out 20 – 12 despite a resisting nine from Andrew Michnowiec. Second from the bottom Ladybridge A beat bottom team Burning Desire 20 – 15 assisted by a nine from Andrew Evans. There was a very close match when Little Lever A just pipped Nomads17 – 16.

With no result for Division Two’s top team Ramsbottom Town C, Hilton B now move top with a maximum points win over their own C team 27 – 8. Just below them, Coburg had a 22 – 11 win over Heaton Cricket Club A despite a resisting nine from David Hall. Fourth-placed Little Lever Cricket Club B had a 20 – 11 win over Wingates with John Bradbury holding his corner with nine for Wingates. In a mid-table match Farnworth SC A overcame Meadow Ben A 16 – 13 assisted by the usual nine from John Hutchinson.

In Division Two we had a full turn out. Top team Bolton TTC A had a shocker against fifth-placed St. Paul’s Peel losing out 23 – 8 with the expected nine from Lee Devenport. Polonia Club A, now comfortably in second place, overcame Top Spinners 21 – 12 with a nine from Dawid Kakol. In third place Meadow Ben B had a 22 – 9 win against Brass Zone who had to borrow a Division Three player to make up the team. Rodney Hall took nine for Meadow Ben. Mid-table Ladybridge B just beat Bolton TTC B just below them 19 – 17. Third from the bottom Farnworth B had a derby against their own C team one place below and won out 17 – 15 assisted by a nine from Martyn Garnett. Mid-table Heaton Cricket Club B took advantage of bottom of the table Meadow Ben C beating them 25 – 11 with a nine from David Jones.

In Division Three, top team Walkden Methodist were gifted their match against Meadow Ben D which should give them a 24 point win based on their successful average. Second-placed junior team Hilton H marched on with a 24 – 14 win over Meadow Hill A now entrenched in fourth place with nines from Jei Makino and Nathan Donaldson. Hot on their heels, Hilton F beat Ladybridge C two places below them 23 – 8 with a nine from Ian Raby. The only other match with a result was Mid-table Hilton G who took advantage of bottom of the table Meadow Hill B trouncing them 27 – 2.

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