Bolton News 4 April

Last week the Bolton Table Tennis League took it’s last break during league matches while the semi-finals of all cup competitions took place. At this sharp end of the competition the stakes are heightened as players must have represented their club a minimum of five times in league matches to be eligible.

In the Warburton Cup for all divisions, third division side Hilton F had a 37.5 start away to second division side Meadow Ben C. There were no players with a clean sweep as the score rocked backwards and forwards. The handicap did the trick for Hilton F who ran out winners 358.5 – 344.

In the other semi-final, Farnworth SC A had two of its best players missing and were reluctant to play with a weakened team. However, their opponents Ramsbottom Town D had eligible players who had apparently decided to holiday between the semi-finals and finals and would themselves be weakened if the match was postponed. In the end it was a Committee decision to put the Ramsbottom team through.

In the Brian Gittins cup for the Premier and Division One, Premier team Wharton had a 79.5 start against Ramsbottom Town A. While most scores swung backwards and forwards, Michael Moir stood out winning all his twelve games for Ramsbottom and was therefore instrumental in Ramsbottom just overcoming the handicap to run out victors in a close 366 – 351.5 result. The other semi-final has been rescheduled for this week.

In the George Yates Trophy for Divisions Two and Three, Division Two’s Brass Zone had a 44.5 start against Meadow Ben B from their own division. However, it was not needed as Brass Zone ran out winners 384.5 – 310 greatly assisted by Brass Zone’s Phil Petts who won 11 out of his twelve sets. Hilton F had a start of 51.5 points against Farnworth SC B. It was a fairly balanced match, but it was the handicap that would see Hilton through 378.5 – 330.

Hilton F will have a busy week being in the finals of two cups which take place on the 18th and 19th April.

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