Bolton News 26 February

Last week most teams took a break from the league matches in the Bolton & District Table Tennis League to play the all the cup quarterfinals, the Warburton Cup fourth round and the third round of the Divisional Cups.

In the Warburton Cup for all Divisions, we only have the one result at the moment. Division Two’s Hilton F made full use of their 125.5 start in their match against Polonia Club A of Division One running out winners 437.5 - 382.

All the Divisional Cup results are in. For the Brian Gittins Cup involving teams from the Premier and Division One, Farnworth Social Circle A gave Flixton Cricket Club A a walkover into the semi-finals due to the previously reported personal problems restricting the Farnworth A team. There was very little handicap between Ladybridge A and Wigan TTC. Wigan only had a 3.5 start and ran out winners  352.5 – 337.  There has been some scratching of heads re the new handicap system based on a whole team's combined Provisional Rankings on the website. While there have been many close results, there have also been some equally bizarre results miles apart. Speculation as to whether a team playing a team in a higher division or confronted with a large handicap to overcome, results in a team giving up, has been muted. This certainly didn’t apply to the remaining quarterfinals. Division One’s Heaton Cricket Club A had a 141.5 start against Premier team Radcliffe Cricket Club which resulted in a very close result with Heaton just taking it 373.5 – 369. If you think things couldn’t get closer, think again. Top Premier team Ramsbottom Town A were confronted by an eager Polonia Club A with a 196.5 start. Ramsbottom just hung on by the skin of their teeth 399 – 397.5.

In the George Yates Trophy for Divisions Two and Three, Farnworth Social Circle B from Division Two were given a walkover into the semi-finals by Brasszone from the same division, who were unable to raise a team. Division Two’s Bolton TTC who appear to rise to the occasion in cup matches played Hilton G who had a 62.5 start. They easily overcame this winning out 382 – 298.5. Saint Paul’s Peel from Division Two had a 43.5 start against Heaton Cricket Club B from the same Division. This was just enough to swing the match in their favour as they succeeded 361.5 – 338. Polonia Club have had success with all their teams until this week. Their last team standing, the B team were foiled by Meadow Ben B’s start of 46.5 which just enabled them to run out winners 345.5 – 337.

Meanwhile, Division Three being slightly larger than the rest still had some league matches to complete. Top team Farnworth Social Circle C had an easy ride and a full points 27 – 6 win over eleventh placed Hilton H. Second placed Meadow Hill A were tied down somewhat by Albany but just won 19 – 14 thanks to a nine from Roy Platt. Snapping at their heels are Meadow Ben C now just two points behind with a 22 – 12 win over juniors Hilton I with a nine from Jack Berry. Fourth-placed Polonia Club C took advantage of playing bottom of the table Meadow Hill B winning 25 – 6 with nines from Henryk Michalowski and Karolina Mucha. Fifth-placed Farnworth Social Circle D also had a good 25 – 8 win over Hilton G with nines from Elena Cecilia Tepelus and Pete Walker. Mid-table Meadow Ben D had a 20 – 12 win over Ladybridge C a couple of places below them assisted by nine from Phillip Calvert.

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