Minutes of the BTTL AGM held at 7.30pm at the Hilton Centre on Thursday 14th June 2018

All clubs were represented apart from Albany, Brasszone, Glodwick, Irlam Steel, Polonia Club, Radcliffe CC, & Walkden Methodists.

A tribute was given by Dave Bolton re Derek Smith, previously of Bolton Gate who had passed on.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been available online and were agreed.

Matters arising: None

Correspondence: A new team had approached us from a new venue at Platt Bridge who wanted a team in Division One. We would have to see about availability when the team entries come in.

Chairman’s Report: It had been a good season with not many issues.  Despite the lower number of teams and one Division less, it had been a successful year. Thanks were given to the General Secretary, Match Secretary and Treasurer for all their work done behind the scenes.

Treasurer’s Report: Copies had been circulated by email and copies handed out at the meeting. We had made a slight gain unlike previous year’s losses. The Trophy bill was less due to there being one division less and the middle and small size trophies were chosen instead of the largest of the three sizes.

Rule Proposals: (<-Click Link) Discussion and voting took place. The first three proposals were passed unanimously and the fourth only had three against and one abstention.

Election of Officers and Committee: The existing officials were re-elected en-bloc. The existing Committee members were then elected en-bloc.

AOB: It was said that it would be expected that all match cards would be entered online by nominated members of teams. Anyone can be given the privilege to enter any particular match card or group of cards. For example, one person could do the lot for a squad of teams.
The Match Secretary gave thanks to all Committee members who had assisted in entering match cards throughout the season. Committee members should no longer have to do this as individual teams did their own.

The Hilton Chairman said that the lease on the Hilton Centre ended on 18th December 2020, so discussions would have to take place over the interim period on lease renewal.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

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