Div Cup; Semi-finals to be played anytime by agreement before the finals. Home teams, please give dates when both of you are not playing.

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Burning Desire Flixton A  
 2Coburg B
Ram A  

Div. Cup; Round 3 w/c 17 February


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Polonia Club A107.5Flixton ppong A 312.5 - 393
 2Coburg B39.5Hilton D 358.5 - 319
 3Meadow Ben A107.5Burning Desire 351.5 - 381
 4Ramsbottom C 98.5Ramsbottom A 317 - 396


Div. Cup; Round 2 w/c 16 December

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Coburg B Little Lever A Invalid player Cup Rule 4
 2Ramsbottom C Hilton A Walk Over
 3Wharton Hilton D73.5369 - 429.5
 4Meadow Ben A Hilton E0.5378 - 281.5
 5Polonia Club A Farnworth SC A72.5391 - 326.5
 6Wingates Flixton ppong A Walk Over
 7Ramsbottom B Burning Desire Invalid Player. Rule 4.
 8Ramsbottom A Heaton CC A122.5405 - 309.5


 Brian Gittins Div. Cup Round 1 w/c 11th November

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result 
1Hilton E Bye   
2Burning Desire Bye   
3Wharton Bye   
4Hilton A Bye   
5Ramsbottom B Ladybridge A Walk Over 
6Heaton CC A North West Lions45.5367 - 347.5 
7Ramsbottom C Hilton B Walk Over 
8Little Lever B Wingates49.5315 - 374.5 
9Coburg B8.5Hilton C 351.5 - 321 
10Flixton ppong A Coburg A No show £12 fine 
11Farnworth SC A Bye   
12Ramsbottom A Bye   
13Little Lever A Bye   
14Polonia Club A Bye   
15Meadow Ben A Bye   
16Hilton D Bye   


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