Div Cup; Semi-finals to be played anytime before the finals. Home teams please give suitable dates to you opponents when neither of you are playing.

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Ramsbottom D Meadow Ben B  
 2Hilton Top Spinners Hilton Hawks 0.5 289 - 357.5

Div. Cup; Round 3 w/c 17 February


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Albany84.5Meadow Ben B361.5 - 390 
 2Farnworth SC B Hilton Top Spinners Walkover
 3Hilton F Ram D0.5271 - 387.5
 4Hilton Hawks Meadow Ben C81.5374 - 314.5


Div. Cup; Round 2 w/c 16 December

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Farnworth SC B Ladybridge B0.5350 - 291.5
 2Hilton Hawks Polonia Club B77.5393 - 347.5
 3Brass Zone Hilton Top Spinners No show £12 fine
 4Hilton F Bolton Hindu Forum    Bye  
 5Albany85.5Farnworth SC C
360.5 - 337
 6Meadow Ben B Heaton CC B0.5356 - 348.5
 7Ramsbottom D Meadow Ben D81.5378 - 351.5
 8Hilton G Meadow Ben C0.5292 - 351.5


 George Yates Div. Cup Round 1 w/c 11th November

  Home team H'Cap Away team H'Cap Result
 1Bolton Hindu Forum Bye  
 2Meadow Ben D Bye  
 3Brass Zone Bye  
 4Polonia Club B Bye  
 5Ramsbottom D Bye  
 6Meadow Ben C Bye  
 7Hilton I*93.5Hilton Hawks 345.5 - 371
 8Meadow Ben B Farnworth SC D74.5382 - 324.5
 9Farnworth SC B Hilton H105.5384 - 348
 10Heaton CC B Ladybridge C99.5363 - 324.5
 11Farnworth SC C Bye  
 12Hilton G Bye  
13Ladybridge B Bye  
 14Albany Bye  
 15Hilton F Bye  
 16Hilton Top Spinners Bye  


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