Warburton Cup Semi-finals w/c to be played anytime before the finals alongside League Matches. Home teams please offer suitable alternative dates when both teams are free.


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Coburg A Little Lever A  
 2Polonia A (Thurs Hilton) Burning Desire  

Warburton Cup Round Four; w/c 17th February


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Ladybridge B 149.5Little Lever A 334 - 394
 2Polonia Club B (Fri. Hilton) Polonia Club A144.5375 - 387
 3Hilton Hawks168.5Coburg A 355.5 - 381
 4Burning Desire Hilton F159.5397 - 349.5

Warburton Cup Round Three; w/c 27th January


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
1Polonia Club B80.5Farnworth SC C 378.5 - 323
2Burning Desire Coburg B88.5387 - 355.5
3Polonia Club A Farnworth SC B Walk Over
4Hilton Hawks80.5Meadow Ben A378.5378.5 - 337
5Ladybridge C100.5Ladybridge B 318.5 - 391
6Little Lever A Meadow Ben C210.5398 - 329.5
7Hilton E47.5Coburg A 293.5 - 370
8Hilton F108.5Little Lever B 371 - 351.5


Warburton Cup Round 2 w/c Dec 2 - Top Section


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
1Meadow Ben A47.5Wingates 386.5 - 339
2Ladybridge A Coburg A62.5331 - 405.5
3Polonia Club A0.5Farnworth SC A 356.5 - 320
4Coburg B Hilton D Walk Over
5Hilton E Hilton B Walk Over
6North West Lions60.5Little Lever B 346.5 - 376
7Burning Desire Heaton CC A88.5394 - 329.5
8Hilton C Little Lever A  


Warburton Cup Round 2 w/c Dec 2 - Bottom Section


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
9Brass Zone Polonia Club B56.5354 - 401.5
10Meadow Ben C Farnworth SC D0.5336 - 313.5
11Ladybridge B39.5Meadow Ben B 379.5 - 310
12Bolton Hindu Forum Hilton F No show £12 fine
13Farnworth SC C Hilton G76.5369 - 334.5 
14Ladybridge C39.5Meadow Ben D 375.5 - 310
15Hilton I*90.5Hilton Hawks 339.5 - 364
16Albany74.5Farnworth SC B 347.5 - 370

Warburton Cup Round 1; Top Section w/c 21st October


  Home Team
 H'cap Away Team
 H'cap Result
1Hilton D Bye  
2Heaton CC A Bye  
3Polonia Club A Bye  
4Coburg A Bye  
5Burning Desire Bye  
6Little Lever A Bye 
7Ladybridge A Bye

8North West Lions Bye  
9Meadow Ben A Bye  
10Little Lever B Bye

11Hilton B Bye  
12Hilton C Bye  
13Wingates Bye  
14Hilton E Bye  
15Coburg B Bye  
16Farnworth SC A Bye  




Warburton Cup Round 1; Lower Section; w/c 21st October


  Home Team
 H'cap Away Team
 H'cap Result
1Hilton F Bye  
2Hilton Hawks Bye  
3Ladybridge B Bye  
4Farnworth SC D Bye  
5Hilton I* Bye  
6Farnworth SC B Bye  
7Meadow Ben C77.5Heaton CC B 386.5 - 377
8Hilton H Ladybridge C0.5317 - 338.5
9Brass Zone69.5 Hilton Top Spinners 377 - 345
10Meadow Ben D Bye  
11Hilton G Bye  
12Albany Bye  
13Polonia Club B Bye  
14Farnworth SC C Bye  
15Bolton Hindu Forum Bye  
16Meadow Ben B Bye  


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