Minutes of the BTTL Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on 29th November 2018 at the Beaumont Arms, Ladybridge.

 Present: Messrs. Barker, Caswell, Rothwell, D Scowcroft, J Scowcroft, Mrs Barker & Mrs Scowcroft.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Bolton, Bradbury, Bradshaw & Chauhan.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: None


From P*** B**** of F****** CC A

Hi Roy

According to the Bolton rules S**** C***** was not eligible to play for the B team do you know why this has been allowed in the results, match between F****** A V R********* B. Cheers  P***

From Roy Caswell

Under League Rule 12 (c) (iii) the team has the choice of forfeiting any wins and paying a £3 fine or having the player permanently transferred to the higher team. This was put to them and having consulted the parents they opted for a permanent transfer to the B team. Lots of squads with teams in the same division get caught out. Roy Caswell; General Secretary

Hi Roy

I have looked at the rule you have quoted, and there is no mention that the offending team shall be contacted to give them the option or speak to her parents to see what they would like to do. The facts are, S*****'s first match of the season beating top players prompted B**** E****** to play her against F******, having know this might have changed are selection.

As the rule states it is at the committees discretion not the offending team choice, I think Flixton should also have been consulted in the matter. We would agree she should be allowed to play for the B team with her games being forfeited either for the B or her first match against H***** A.

Cheers Phil.


I was merely explaining why the card took a while to go online. Since you are querying the application or interpretation of the rule which seem very clear in itself, I have put your correspondence on the agenda of the next Committee meeting. The rule in question is shown below in green. I'll get back to you after. Roy Caswell; General Secretary.

The Chairman remarked that it was difficult to understand what the problem was purely from a scoring point of view. She had been beaten 3-2, 3-1, 3-1. So Flixton still had maximum points.

As far as the rules were concerned, all the Committee were satisfied that the rules had been followed to the letter. League Set Up Rule 12 (c) clearly states that in the event of (i) or (ii) being broken the team has the option of keeping the player in the team they were registered and their appearance being treated as a forfeit or being permanently transferred to the higher team. They had opted for the latter. If it is felt that the rule is wrong, then it would need a proposal to change it for next year. It had been introduced because a lot of clubs with teams in the same division were being caught out and it was felt that this made it fairer.

General Secretary’s Report: It was asked if there were any Luddites who were still posting cards instead of adopting the new online card entry system which is very easy to do. It was said that some cards from Little Lever and Ramsbottom still came through the post.

The cup handicap system had been used, but only by a small number of teams in the first round. A first assessment seemed to indicate that no team with a handicap had yet won a match. Obviously, we would have to wait until we get a full set of statistics to see what the divisional factor should be to provide a level playing field next season.

Match Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report: PayPal £1,485; Bank Account £4,857. We had paid the Lancashire affiliation and Inter-League fees.

Inter-league Secretary’s Report: None.

Tournament Secretary’s Report: The closing date for entries is Monday. Entries so far: Prem.- 10; Div. 1 – 5; Div. 2 – 8; Div. 3 – 4. We would be hoping for some more over the weekend. It was said that all players were expected to score if needed. It was suggested that this should go on the application form next year.

AOB: None.

Date and venue of next meeting: Usually sometime around half term in February.

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