Table Tennis Newsletter August 2019

To Club Organisers

Handbook, Match Card Collection, Signing on of players to teams & the cup draw: Most of the handbooks are available for collection from the Hilton Centre apart from those I deliver.

Check your players: Click on your team name anywhere in the TT365 fixtures and scroll to the bottom, all your players are listed. So all I need now is who has gone and any new ones to add. You can email me at Or you can produce a piece of paper with the names on and to which teams they are assigned and bring to the Hilton Centre on: 

Friday 30th August at 7.30 prompt

as we to do the cup draws.

To Team Secretaries

Cup Opt-Outs:

The ones I am aware of can be accessed from TT365 'Information' site or here. You can make life easier for yourself and/or your team by opting out and giving yourself free weeks, particularly if you know a player or players are likely to be away at the half-term holidays. If you would rather not be in a cup competition then let me know. Tel 845642; 07985 311863;

Team Secretaries Contact Info: It may be as well if you keep a handbook available at all times until we see if Team Secretaries contact information is available at either web site

Entering your own match cards: All Team Secretaries/Captains are switched on to enter match cards, Club Secretaries can do any team in their club, also perhaps any other extras requested from last year. If you want anyone else to be able to enter them let me know.

To all players

Individual Table Tennis England Membership: You should by now have taken steps to renew your membership, by responding to the original email. If not, go to the 'Important Notices' box on TT365 where you can join both Table Tennis England and TT365. Both are needed for this year. I still have numerous outstanding queries in the pipeline to sort out.

If you use the team checker now on TT365 it will not tell you if they are a member of Table Tennis England or not. It will only tell you if they have paid their £7 to Table Tennis 365. So don't play any player who has not yet registered with them or you will have problems entering the match card.

We will be checking Table Tennis England Memberships in the background and maybe have to allow a week or so for individuals to sort due to various obstacles that have now been put in our way. It's not as easy as it was before.

Roy Caswell, General Secretary of the Bolton & District Table Tennis League

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