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(c)  The step-up rules are as follows:

(i) Any player may play for another team in their own squad providing that the team is higher in the league tables and the player’s % average of their own division is less than the third placed player for the team in the divisional averages. After the first week, one player only may be used from a different club or squad providing they are assigned to a team in a lower division and there are five teams between them in the league tables. They can only represent the one team in any one fixture. The bottom six teams in the league may use any player from any team in the bottom six.

 (ii) Any registered player may play as a substitute for any other player within the league a maximum of six times within a season.

(iii) Any player achieving an average of 80% or over in the previous season and remaining in the same division are excluded from stepping up for other teams.

(iv) If either (i), (ii) or (iii) are broken a team may choose that the player remains with their own team, pays a £3 fine and forfeits any wins or is permanently transferred to the higher team at the discretion of the Committee.

Below is a list of players who have substituted and the number of times they have substituted to date:

Howard Whewell (TRANSFERRED)5
Adam Thompson1

Chris Naylor5
Kevin Chapman1
Raymond Isherwood1
Dominic Siddall3
Dave Jones1
Mark Speakman2
Thomas Hurst5
David Kay1
Steve Hathaway1
Wes Jones1
David Jones (S)
John Bostock6 (Transferred)
Carl Bennett6 (NO MORE PLAY UPS)
David Jones (Heaton CC)5
Benjamin Wyatt
John Rothwell
Alan Bradshaw1
Raymond Kay1
Adele Spibey1
Brain Hall1
Rodney Hall1
Timothy Fields1
David Jones (S)1
Division 3
Alan Hibbert 2
Andy Taylor1
John Hilton
Jimmy Tunn
Les Welch
Roy Caswell1
Michael Morgan
Pete Walker6 (NO MORE PLAY UPS)
Neil Cowburn1
Alan Weall1
Steven Robertson1
Rebecca Correa1
Jamie Sutcliffe6 (NO MORE PLAY UPS)
Mariusz Turski1

If you feel this list is inaccurate please contact a committee member who will investigate any errors/omissions. Those on 6 cannot play up anymore matches.

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