Rule Changes for 2011-12

There were several changes made to the rules at the 2011 AGM. I have summarised the main points below.

Following a change to Rule 8.7 players can now play in a higher league for more than one team in their club provided that they do not play against the same team more than twice. See Rules for the full text.

For years the doubles has been the last match of the night and as such was often a dead rubber with players going through the motions. Now the doubles is to be played at game 7, this is something that happens in many leagues across the country. As you will see in the full rule 9.8 if both teams agree the doubles can still be played at game 10 as long as both teams agree. The new score sheets for 2011/12 will reflect this change.

When two teams turn out with 2 players each there will now be 9 points available with the only rubber not counting being the one between the two missing players.

If you need any clarification on any of these or other rules please contact Rob Smith or Roger Hooton.

Author: via Boston Table Tennis League
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